Sunday, February 06, 2011

Salty booger or practical?

People have been asking me when I'll be replacing my car with a newer one.

I drive a nearly 7 year-old Kenari. I bought it right after I got married, with the purpose of driving myself to work after moving into Abg's house. It's never been in an accident - Al Hamdulillah - and recently I had it repainted, the multiple scratches and minor dents were becoming an eyesore. I full settled it about a year ago and it is completely mine.

It's engine may be loud when I drive more than 110km/h that I can't hear the radio. We can't drive it long distance unless we intended to spend the following day in bed due to back pain but it is a modest car and it serves its function: getting me to work and back so there isn't any good reason for me to replace it.

It's fantastic for going to the weekend market when there are limited parking space and the reclining back seat gives it more space in case I need to transport bulky stuff. In short, there is nothing that it can't give me, in terms of being a car.

For the others, well, that is where Abg's car comes in.

Similarly, I was changing in the OT when someone asked me, do you wear only 'bawal' headscarfs (referring to the older version of 'tudung's where you need to pin it under the chin and fold it at the temple to give it the streamlined look, as opposed to the automatic version where you just put it on)? Why won't you use the latest trend 'tudung's - it's faster to wear.

People asked me this before and I told her, as I told the other people who asked me before, 'Then what will I do with the whole bunch of 'tudung bawal's that I have?'. She said, just keep them and I thought to myself, for what exactly?

A headscarf is a headscarf, it's function is to complete the hijab - so if my old fashioned 'bawal' headscarfs still does that, then I think I will hold on to it a little while longer, thanks. No offense to those who do, but I just hate seeing things go to waste. I recently saw someone showing her Aryani headscarf collection - there is one (or maybe more) for each colour of the rainbow!

Now, should the next trend arrive - will one have to 'just keep' those too?

As it is, I'm only using 5-6 of my bawal headscarfs on a regular basis. The rest are just sitting in a suitcase, for all I know, being consumed by roaches and moths.

and it's not just about cars or headscarfs - it's furniture, curtains, mobile phones - it never ends. Recently I wanted to inquire about getting my sofa reupholstered. I bought the set about 5 years ago and despite being scratched to death by my furkids and having it's foam bursting all over the place, the structure is still very strong and it is very comfy. Having it reupholstered will cost me nearly the price I bought it in the first place so someone asked my why don't you just get a new one? The thing is, I can't bear throwing it away, because I know, with a little facelift, it can still serve its purpose and getting rid of it will only mean that it will get burned or take space at the rubbish dump.

Does it sound silly? I just can't stand knowing that the good part will be thrown away with the broken part that I will spend money to fix the broken part. Like, for another instance, the office chair that broke one of its five legs on wheels. Since the cushion is still intact and clean and definitely had more life in it still, I'm planning to find a second hand office chair just so I could replace the legs rather than buy a new one.

Some people may call it being thrifty I guess but hey, whatever makes one happy, right?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I wonder... depressed one has to be before contemplating taking one's life?

or how depressed one can be before accepting that ending one's life is a better option than going through it?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


...people amaze me.

How can one make certain assumptions, based on just scanty information here and there, you think you already know the whole story and on top of that, dare to pass judgement?

FYI, I've ceased to acknowledge your existence. I don't talk about you. I don't inquire about your wellbeing. I DON'T CARE.

Waah, sedap pulak kau ckp aku macam-macam. Kenapa aku tak buat macam nie, kenapa aku tak buat macam tu. Ye lah, kau saja la yang perfect kan. Pathetic.

I didn't want to say anything despite all those things you said about me. In fact I was contemplating doing something nice to you - I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt, I wanted to give you a break but noooooo, for some strange reason you think you had the right to pass judgement about me! Hah!

Cuba baiki diri and hidup sendiri dulu boleh tak?