Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This is a fluffy post

My wrist hurts.

Ironically I've been preparing for an Ortho CME and mine's titled Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had been procrastinating, as usual and had left it for the last minute and subsequently ended up completing it all in 4 hours. However, the 4 hours with my right hand permanently glued on the mouse proved to be unfortunate as I now cannot even grip properly without hurting.

I'm in a rather happy mood today (for a change, haha) - my project presentation went well and my boss is happy and I returned home to find that Abg had bought me the new Double McSpicy (or something like that). I was tapping away at the PC when Abg came to me and presented me with the new Burberry fragrance. Hmmm, McD AND new perfume? I asked him to 'fess up but he just laughed it off.

Biasa la perempuan - bila husband tak beli hadiah, marah - bila husband beli, ingat dia buat salah. No wonder Abg has grown balder by the day.

Furthermore, my three kittens are well unto the road to recovery. Black with socks looked near at death's door a few days ago. He had refused to eat or drink and his eyes were crusted shut. I had wiped away at the dried up eye discharges and fed him water with a syringe. Also stuffed him with decongestants and antibiotics. Today he even came running to greet me as I stepped off the car. Bliss.

My wrist still hurts but at least I'm happy.

In shock


I cannot believe we got 3rd place for something that was made up and started about three weeks ago..........

Sunday, July 06, 2008


I wonder how long these two froggies have been trapped in my candle holder-ornament thingy.

I'm feeling that familiar feeling of unease again today.

Yes, it is my fault that I haven't found the time nor made the effort to do this certain 'extra curricular' project. What with my pregnancy and the workload and the subsequent miscarriage, it just slipped my mind.

I confessed that it has been my mistake and I accepted full responsibility for not coming up with anything, but when I was told to 'make it up' - I was, to say the least, quietly horrified. I no longer see the relevance of making a big fuss over something that has been literally picked from thin air.

Furthermore, I was reassured that other people will be doing the same thing.

Ho hum.

Still, I stuck to orders and came up with something.

I have been rather testy with my group - I think they are a bit concerned about my nonchalance of it all. I, on the other hand, refuse to leave my duties for something, which I may remind you, is TOTALLY MADE UP..! Hel-looooo....?

Or is it me? Is there something that you all know that I don't know about? Lives will not be lost if I mess up the presentation, the world will not come to an abrupt end - get a grasp of the big picture la....

Perhaps it is a bit difficult when my story lacks the details but I will not be pressured unreasonably for something that is against my principles. My first and foremost responsibility is towards my patients and THAT is THAT. Enough of this madness.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Bubu pestering me to let him out.

My specialist and colleague have returned after a 5 day hiatus attending a conference in KL. I may now breathe a sigh of relief. It's not so much the number of patients I had to attend to, but it's the burden of having to make your own decisions that bugs me most.

My specialist returned to find that I had kept a case of atlanto-axial dislocation in the ward. He had been admitted since last Thursday. I knew that there was something wrong with him, yet I don't really know what. His x ray looked fishy but since the incident had happened 2 months before and he was (relatively) well, I hadn't stressed my unease to my boss. I can tell that he is (to say politely) miffed with me, and I must admit that I probably deserved it.

I'm in the middle of preparing for a presentation and have asked for a day off to complete it. I know I'm supposed to keep my nose to the grindstone but you know how it is when you have something to complete, there's always something else to distract your focus away from the job at hand.