Thursday, May 15, 2014


Recently something happened to me - the details aren't important but Abg was not too happy about me putting myself in a risky situation despite my good intention.

More than a week has passed but I keep replaying it in my head - I wonder if that person looked at me and thought, 'Hey, this is easy money!' before approaching me that day in the car park. His sob story is typical and friends later warned me that it has happened before to other people.

I wonder if he rotates the sites where he does his con - and how he keeps up with the people he lied to. Does he choose his potential target by the prominence of his or her appearance? How long does he sit around in the car park before the right moment and person comes? Despite everything, I just had to admire his ability to think on his feet - I asked him a lot of questions and at that time everything appeared genuine.

How much I gave him is irrelevant - after all, the amount wasn't missed at all - but who knows, he may REALLY be in a tight situation as he had claimed and coming across this sour-faced makcik was the lucky break he needed.

The world would indeed be a depressing place if I kept thinking otherwise - and I think I need every bit of optimism right now.