Sunday, December 30, 2007


.....the rest of the family, plus three more I acquired while on a short break in KL with the family.

Fifi - previously the only lady. When I first found her in a box in the hedges near my house, she could fit unto my palm!

Moody tau Fifi nie - PMS or teenage angst?

I found Fizzy huddled up from the cold and rain one evening while at the Pasar Ramadhan. She was seeking shelter underneath a Waja and the car had just driven away leaving her exposed.

Cute kan Fizzy sekarang?

My Yin and Yang. Asal air cond pasang je, lentuk....

After Budak Kecik passed away due to the chronic abscess on his left hip, I really didn't feel like facing another situation like that, but this forummer at caught my eye. He had a litter of kittens and now wasn't able to take care of four more cats (he already has 4). I wanted a blackie but I didn't think it'll be wise to take just one. I mean, dah la kena pisah ngan mak and adik beradik, kena duduk rumah org sorang2 pulak tu.....anyhow, we met near 1 Utama and now these three scamps are living with me!

Ciki, Ciku and Cumi (formerly Betty, Black and Billy) snooping around Ma's garden after they got over their initial shyness.

Cumi stalking Ciku.

I think I'm safe now...

Aha! I'm gonna get you now!

Ayis excited at having cats around the house.

Ciki sizing Ayis up.

I wish I had a nice garden like Ma's for my cats to run around in. Ciki got so excited, she even managed to fall into Ma's fish pond. Nasib baik pandai berenang....

Friday, December 21, 2007

What I did on Friday

One of the jobs an MO has to do, which most of the time involves time outside the usual working hours (like we don't have enough on calls already!), is to be on standby with a medical team for certain functions.

A few years back I was ordered to standby at Sultan (presently the Agong) Mizan's world famous Endurance Race. When we arrived, the thing was at its last hours so we stayed for an hour then went home. Earlier, I had the chance to standby at the Royal Visit at the so called elite school at Lembah Bidung. I must say, the minister of education cuts a dashing figure in real life.

Anyway, the medical team from HTM had been called numerous times before to Bukit Bunga. Beats me why as Bukit Bunga is in Jeli.

So there I was early morning today. We arrived early and bagged the prime parking space. I went on a tour of the bridge and I can now proudly say I've stepped on Thai soil without a passport! Hehe.

Banner on our side of the bridge.

Banner on their side. People in beige are their police officers.

View of Buketa from the bridge.

Tebing Buketa by Golok River.

Abg askar Thailand posted at Sg Golok.

Another view of Golok River from the bridge.

Seating area for the public. Sedih betul.

Kak TJ is somewhere in there, fuming she had to represent the boss..hehe.

Seating area for VIPs - tak ke antara dua darjat gitu...?

Dekat dua jam penyambut Pak Lah nie berdiri tunggu - nasib baik la tak panas...

Kenal tak, kenal tak??

Salam, jgn tak salam...

I wonder what he was saying to the Kelantanese folks..

My medical team. Muka senyum tapi perut lapar takde sape tahu...

Thailand heli covering the event.

Pak Lah was supposed to arrive at quarter past ten (we were there at quarter to nine) and after making a speech followed by another speech by Thai PM, to pay a visit to a school in Buketa. Pukul 11 suku takde bayang batang hidung pun. Alih2, Datuk Pa pulak bagi speech. Mula2 dia announce Pak Lah lewat sebab kapal terbang patah balik ke KL due to some technical fault. Then, he made his speech. I think Hamid Albar spoke a few words too. Followed by the Thai Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Don't ask me what they spoke about, I came prepared with two chic lits, a bag of tit bits and settled down in the comfy seat in the ambulance.

Pak Lah finally showed up at quarter past 12 and right after he arrived, people started to go home in droves. Ye lah, buat lagi la function hari Jumaat, Pak Lah nak gi solat Jumaat... He started on a speech but then a chinese couple came to our ambulance, complaining that the wife is feeling nauseous. After vomiting twice, they asked us if we could escort them to their car which was parked about a km+ away. Nasib baik right after we left them at their car, the convoy of black Perdanas drove by, which meant we were free to go home, wha-hey!

So, folks, that was how I spent my weekend....Click on the piccies to get a better picture.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Raya blues

It's Raya Haji and I feel like crawling into a deep hole and sleeping the holidays away.

Ho hum.

Lately I'm getting myself more and more acquainted with the colour BLUE. I feel blue most times nowadays. It's worse during the holiday period, when Abg's family returns from KL and the whole family gets together and I find myself missing my own family.

Everyone else is at the mosque right now and later they are going to mulah Mek's grave to recite the Yasin. I woke up this morning feeling nauseous (I can never spell that word!) and just cannot face seeing everybody's happy Raya faces. So I told Abg to give my excuses to everyone.


and right now I'm almost deciding that I would like to get dressed and make a dash to my car and just drive somewhere. Tapi, sebab nak jaga air muka Abg punya pasal, I am staying here.

I think I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown lah. and on a Raya morning some more. What joy.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blogger's block

So I'm posting pictures of Bubu instead.

Bubu cukup suka masuk dlm plastic bag. Tak tau naper.

Bubu tgh terbongkang tidur.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bubu lapar la...lapar lapar lapar....

Org lapar...dah dah la type blog tuuu... no friend you lah....

Monday, December 10, 2007

The many shades of grey... the colours that I am seeing each time I step out of the house in the morning! Water, water everywhere! It hasn't flooded big time in Kelantan for quite sometime and I know the kids are excited. Who would've thought the sight of a collection of water can get people mesmerised for hours.....(come to Kelantan during the monsoon season and you will know what I mean. People actually set up makeshift stalls selling kacang rebus and what nots by the bridge to cater for the mass of people who have come to see the rising level of water!)

Anyway, FIL is warded at the moment. He's been having fever last week and then developed diarrhoea. It didn't help that I was also ill (I do not recommend doing your on call with a high grade fever and runny nose, no sir ree...) and was bed ridden post call.

At the risk of people who know me reading this (be it family or colleagues), I really am not keen having this situation in my hands.

First, how do you handle relatives who think you are the big shot (on the contrary, I am just a minion) doctor who is all mighty and powerful, thus can do anything, even admitting half the kampung wayyyyy before visiting hours? I was just walking to the casualty from the canteen when I turned around and spotted a familiar face. In a split second, one familiar face became 5 familiar faces. Before I knew it, about 10 people from my FIL's kampung was trailing behind me on their way to see him. It was about half hour before visiting time and one pakcik (who's not even on good terms with my FIL's family, okay) had the nerve to pipe up, 'Ala, ada doktor kan, mesti boleh masuk punya'....hello? I tak kenal pun you sape...I punya la malu kat pakcik jaga, the moment they knew where FIL's bed is, I quickly turned around and sped off.


Secondly, how do you separate the doctor-you and the daughter-in-law-you? What do you do when you hear not-so-nice things about your colleagues? Is it right for you to interfere with the management of his case? Do you let it be known that the patient is your 'waris' or do you prefer if he was treated like the others? Is it fair that he gets special treatment just because his son married a doctor who happened to work at that hospital? Do you interfere with every single step of his care (tut-tutting about how the sheets have not been changed, or why the IVD isn't running or whether tepid sponging has been done) or do you stand silently at the peripheries and let your staff do their work as they have always done and you would not have bothered if this was just any other patient?

Pening tau. and it's definitely not the effects of my bout of flu.