Friday, June 29, 2007

Stories of my family

Apparently, when Ma dropped me off at primary school for my first day at school, I actually told her to go home.


Ma loves telling this story when we get together, and we love to hear them; bits of pieces of our past that only parents can remember. There was also the bit when I thought lizard's eggs were sweets and how I have this tendency to fall into drains. but let's not get into that, shall we..:)

There was the time when I really wanted to eat KFC. Now, 20 years ago, KFC was THE place, the King of fast food and a once-in-several-month's treat. Ma said I had seen the advertisement and one day Pa brought us to the KFC store in Ipoh. As we got down from the car, Pa actually said to me, if I wanted to eat KFC, I would have to place the orders myself. I think I must be about 7 at that time.

According to Ma, so strong was my desire to eat Colonel Sander's secret recipe that without hesitating, I pushed the heavy glass doors and walked up to the counter, all by myself, all intent on placing that order.

Ma said I had always been very independent. I think perhaps she might feel a little forlorn that her firstborn never had any reservations about leaving home. Hahaha. Seronok giler dpt ke MRSM and even more overjoyed to go overseas.

and because I was away from home most of the time and we moved house a lot, I never had a proper room of my own. When I was back for the holidays, I just slept in the room which they said was my room but was filled with stuff mainly belonging to sis Yanie. So, I guess the connection isn't there. and Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge this at all. When I say this, it isn't with contempt, merely stating a fact.

So, when I got married, THIS felt like going home. I can finally have a room where I can put my belongings and would never be given to someone else. I was never that bride who got teary eyed about leaving home (ala, macam dlm filem hindustan tu lahhh), not because I wasn't sad, it was maybe because the physical connection/belonging wasn't there.


We were killing time at this mall in Cheras while waiting for the latest news on sis Yanti's labour and it was lunch time and we were in Kenny Roger's. I was remarking that, despite having been brought up by the same parents, with the same family values, isn't it strange that we siblings have turned out with our own moral values, preferences and priorities?

I don't think I could've done as well as Ma raising 6 kids, much more in this brand conscious, increasingly materialistic world.

I had been to school where kids with Barbie dolls and sticker collections were THE ones to know. I certainly remember practically drooling in 'jakun-ness' at the sparkly, furry, scratch-and-sniff stickers that the popular kids at school were showing and exchanging with each other. I know I had stared many times when the same kids would take out from their expensive school bags these huge box of double ended 24, 48, even 64 different coloured pencils!

But that was it. I stared and I drooled but I never longed. I don't remember going home and pestering Ma to get the coveted items. Even if I did, I don't think Ma would've given in...:)

But I never felt deprived. Life was not severely lacking even if I didn't have Barbie and her huge mansion of a house. To this day, that principle stayed with me. A brand is a brand, it doesn't replace the function of the object. I know of people who starve themselves in order to get a coveted Coach or LV bag and I don't understand that obsession (though a little starvation might actually do me some good! Hahaha).

I haven't got my own yet (sis Yanie insists that all parental values goes out the window once your child learns how to ASK) and I hope I could instill the same values in my child as my Ma did and more importantly, that she (I want a daughter la, a girl is so much fun to do shopping for) would never feel deprived even if other kids have the complete set of Barbie, complete with the ones from each country of the world.


Got this from Dobbs

60%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

and then proceeded to this:

Okay la, considering it has been a very long time since I got a 93% on anything, haha.

Doctors Complaint Bureau

I had an agressive patient last night and he actually assaulted me.


I'd like to tell myself that perhaps he acted out of the norm, that he may be upset due to his condition and that he's not like this usually but the bottom line is he assaulted me.

I was so shocked, my body went into auto pilot mode. I should've been angry but I was just, ...emotionless. Besides, what would anger get me anyway?


People complain about health care workers all the time; where can I lodge a complaint about patients, please?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The unexpected on call, in more ways than one..

If there is one thing that I've learnt not to do during calls is to mention how 'cool' it has been so far.....unless I've got probably one minute to go before the time is up.

Kalau tak, the minute the words leave my mouth, the most horrendous, weirdest, ill-est case will be wheeled into the casualty/labour room.


So now, when people ask, I just say, 'boleh tahan la' - in other words, don't ask now, ask tomorrow when I'm safely out of the oncall period.

I was savouring my precious weekend on Friday and making plans on where to bring my two nieces the next day when the phone rang.

It was L, who was on call on Friday. Apparently N who's supposed to be on call tomorrow has been admitted to the CRW for chest pains and difficulty breathing. (The skinniest guy I know and he gets chest pains! I guess you can never tell) So what to do but replace him? It's not that I had urgent plans or anything, la kan.....

The next day, my senior MO was all huffy and flustered as she now has to arrange for someone to take his place for a course on Sunday. I was like 'pick me, pick me, pick MEEEEEE! Even if I don't get to sleep a wink, pick me!!!' - I was THAT desperate to get away from the OPD. Hehehe.

See, as I said before, I'm way from being categorised as 'cool' but yesterday's call was freezing! I admitted like 4 cases and referred one (and only because I couldn't be bothered to layan all those constant calls from the ward had I admitted him here) and there were no APO, no APH or PPH or DKA or severe AEBA. In fact, it was like the whole of Tanah Merah shunned the hospital that night! There were of course all those cold cases (one week abscess and you come at 10 at night? Get real la brader...) which I didn't have to attend to, but I was in bed by 11 pm.

Even managed to watch this silly (yet starring the oh-so-gorgeous-and-charming Fahrin) malay offering on TV.

Didn't guarantee me a satisfying sleep though. I was awake at half two, and then 2 hours later. Somehow the labour room nurse decided that it was VITAL for her to inform me at 5 am (?!) of the antenatal cases which I have to clerk (they usually leave it to some much saner time when I'm actually awake). By half 5 I was tossing and turning in bed, and five minutes later surrendered all efforts and went for my shower.

Which of course meant that I was nodding off at the lectures 5 hours later.

Seriously, I think I even snored.

On a more grim note, my condolences to a colleague who lost her mother so suddenly on Friday. I have no words, for I do not have any inkling to what you may be experiencing this moment and I shall not pretend to do so.

Al Fatihah.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Whether it's just plain laziness or blogger's block, I don't know, but I just haven't the foggiest what to write. Ideas always pop up in my head and I'd say, hey, I'll write about that, tapi bila balik rumah, already forgotten la what to write....

I went to Kuantan last weekend. There's just a limit to the times that you can go to KB Mall lah. KB needs more shopping malls!! Hehehe. I drove from our house to Bandar Al Muktaffibillah Syah (or something like that) - that's the furthest I've driven; previously it was from Setiu to Kuala Berang. Granted the roads are pretty straightforward so that made it easy.

Abg went for his Friday prayers and we got tickets for the 2.45 show for Ocean's 13. While waiting outside, I noticed this odd couple. The guy had a foreign look about him, had longish hair in a pony tail, in a sleeveless shirt with bermudas. The lady was in a tight short sleeved T and a mini skirt with heels. They were pushing a stroller and inside was a baby, barely 2 months old, okay?

I was gobsmacked. But of course not literally lah, because I certainly had loads to say to Abg about it. I mean, who in their right minds, brings a 2 month old baby to a cinema?

We purposely bought tickets for seatings at the side and thought the couple would be sitting somewhere similar as they most likely would leave the stroller in the aisle. But noooooo, the chose the centre sitting area and smack right in the middle some more.

Of course the baby cried lah, like all normal babies would. I totally sympthised with the folks sitting near the couple and it did cross my mind maybe there was a hidden camera somewhere recording our reactions towards the bizarreness of this all.

Totally bizarre, yes?


Anyway, we welcomed a couple of new MOs in the hospital. You could actually hear the collective sigh of relief from all of us. One MO got to 'escape' from ward work because she is now the only one with gassing skills and I get to release my duty as Haemodialysis MO.

They are literally a couple. A young husband and wife, fresh from their houseman postings. As I looked at them, I thought they look more self assured and confident than I felt when I first came to HTM.

It's kinda hard when you go to a new place with your significant other. You don't know anyone else so you stick to your partner, and when you do that, other people tend to be reserved about coming over to say hello.

The wife is doing OPD duties and have been calling me for opinions (which is totally weird because before this I've been asking other seniors and now someone may be asking ME stuff! Pressure tau!...:)) and I hope she realises that despite my appearance I'm actually very friendly. Betul maaa....

Monday, June 11, 2007

The "Awwww" moment and the end of a very good thing...


I could promise to hold you and to cherish you. I could promise you to be there in sickness and in health. I could say till death do us part, but I won't.

These vows are for optimistic couples, the ones full of hope and I do not stand here on my wedding day, optimistic or full of hope.

I am not, optimistic. I'm not hopeful; I am sure. I am steady, and I know.

I am a heart man. I take them apart and put them back together. I hold them in my hands. I, am a heart man.

So this, I am sure: you are my partner, my lover, my very best friend, my heart. MY heart beats for you and on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this: I promise to lay my heart in the palms of your hands, I promise you - Me."

- Preston Burke practising his wedding vows

Yes, Grey's Anatomy fans all over the world - no matter whether you watched it live, or delayed thanks to the joys that are torrents or via the sweat and tears of bootleggers; the third season has drawn to a close. and what an ending it was!

Watch it and cry as I have cried, laughed as I have laughed and sigh in despair as you wonder about the what ifs and what nots.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sick of the not-so-sick

Jam menunjukkan pukul 8.20 pagi. Dia baru selesai berjumpa pesakit pertamanya untuk pagi itu. Jururawat masyarakat yang membantunya sepanjang minggu itu memanggil nama pesakit kedua. Dia berasa agak ceria tika itu walaupun akan menjalankan tugas atas panggilan pada petangnya.

Pesakit yang dipanggil masuk dan duduk. Wanita awal 30-an itu kelihatan sihat serta melangkah masuk dengan pantas sebelum duduk di kerusi pesakit.

Doktor: Ada masalah apa? (rekod pesakit di hadapan doktor menunjukkan yang pesakit tidak mempunya penyakit kronik, cuma sekali sekala datang untuk sakit gastrik)

Pesakit: Saya nak ambil ubat gastrik dan err, kadang2 takde selera makan.

Doktor: Okay...takpe, kita boleh cuba bagi ubat untuk itu. Tiada masalah lain?

Pesakit: Saya nak ubat panadol dan ubat gatal.

Doktor: Okay. Nie ubatnya.

Pesakit: Boleh saya ambil MC?

Doktor: Kenapa?

Pesakit: Boss saya suruh ambil.

Doktor: Tapi awak takde sakit apa2 dan awak cuma datang untuk ambil ubat. Saya rasa awak tak perlu MC.

Pesakit: (dah mula tension) Tapi saya tak masuk kerja hari nie dan boss saya kata ambil MC untuk cuti.

Doktor: Kalau boss awak ckp macam tu, then isu cuti antara awak dan boss awak. Ini sudah menyalahgunakan MC. MC sepatutnya untuk orang yang sakit dan tak dapat kerja. Awak cuma dtg untuk ambil ubat. Itu pilihan awak untuk datang pagi ini dan MC bukan untuk cover hari cuti.

Pesakit: Tapi saya dah tak masuk kerja hari nie dan boss saya kata boleh ambik MC.

Doktor: ....(Geram)....Awak ingat saya nie boleh bagi MC main2? Saya bertanggungjawab atas setiap MC yang saya sign. Kali ini saya boleh bagi tapi lain kali jgn buat macam nie lagi. Awak nie menyalahgunakan MC. Pergi ambil ubat dulu dan lepas tu dtg bilik saya untuk ambil MC awak.

Pesakit: (Bangun dgn riak muka tak puas hati)...tapi boss saya yang suruh! (Tendang pintu dan dgn kasar membuka pintu sebelum melangkah keluar).

Doktor: (seething in silence)

What the hey?????? Apa isu boss suruh amik MC nie ha??? Boss you tu sape? Boss you bukan boss I. I am the boss of me so your boss can't order me to do anything. Sampai bila2 I akan ingat nama nie, A***h bt J***h dgn IC nombor tentera.

Apparently my assistant saw her at the dispensary talking in upset tones into her handphone. Most likely explaining to her boss. Humph! She never came to my room to get her MC. Which is a shame as I would have lurrrrrved to have a little chat with this boss of hers.

Ah well. Surely ruined my good mood for ten minutes. Oh, no, that was because of the next chap who had diarrhoea (apparently lah. I mean, how on earth do I DISprove diarrhoea huh) and wanted MC for two days because he's from Johor.

Maybe I should put up a notice on my door stating "Permintaan untuk MC yang tak munasabah tidak akan dilayan". Boleh tak macam tu, Puan Pengarah? Hehe.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ho hum..

Having kids really makes blogging more interesting, kan?

From The Madness of MokCik Nab (why oh why haven't I discovered this earlier? I wish I could write like this!)

My nine year old, Adam watching MTV : first Linkin Park and Jay-Z comes on, then Nelly. Nelly's video, as usual features lots of women in skimpy clothes. It cuts to a brief shot of Nelly singing, then lingering visuals of the women again. Adam gets irritated.

"Why can't they just show the guy singing?", he complained." You know like Linkin Park, when Chester sings, the camera stays on Chester. This one keeps going back to the girls".

Well, I explained, people who listen to Linkin Park don't care very much for sexy girls on video, but people who listen to Nelly want some eye-candy. (I'm generalizing, ok?)

"Even if the people watching are already married?", asked Mr. Incredulous. Uhuh, I said.

"Then, what's the point?", said he, "They've already missed their chance".

Maybe they just want to look, I said. Tell me, you're a guy, I added, why do guys want to look at perempuan tak pakai baju?

" I don't know", Adam insisted, "Go ask Dadda. I guess that's why he watches MTV when you're not around".

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Monthly woes

Don't you just hate PMS? But don't you love the fact that we have PMS to blame everything on? Hehe.

Sometimes, everything just goes wrong.

Work becomes extremely stressful and headache inducing. The house looks extra dirty and you become super antisocial even to your own husband.

It was something minor actually. Tinier than minor even. But everything got blown out of proportion and I ended up sulking and hungry.

and I'm left lamenting the fact why oh why does my husband not understand me...?? I who have done everything for him, how dare he take me for granted like this....? Hand on forehead for the dramatic effect please.

It doesn't help of course that I'm a lousy sulker. In fact I'm Mrs Sulker of All Time. When I sulk, not even a volcano erupting can get me to talk. So I'm left to wallow in self pity and more lamenting.

Teruk, kan?