Thursday, January 24, 2008

State of unease

I have this feeling of uneasiness at the moment, kata org, 'tak sedap hati' - and usually when I get this way, what irks me the most is because I don't know what is wrong. This time I do, and I don't really know how to fix it.

They say 'terlajak kata tiada gunanya' but they also say 'honesty is the best policy' - I guess the sayings weren't said by the same person.

I lack tact. A bit like Pa in that way. But I've learnt that people are really fickle most times. Most times they want you to be honest but only when you have good things to say.

Anyhow, with me, when I don't like a certain person, I really make it clear. I will not greet them, nor talk to them apatah lagi make small talk. In a way, I kinda admire people who hide their feelings well, tapi yg tak tahannya, depan org tu ckp baik, tapi belakang dia, bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. So am I a better person? I don't know.

I'm off for a weekend break in Kuantan with Abg tomorrow. Hate leaving the 'kids' behind but my nieces, Asilah and Amila have promised they will take good care of the kitties while we're away. Jimi is back, a little thin but at least walking around. He has been shying away from his cage mates, whereas previously he would sleep in a pile together with them. Still haven't figured out names for the three we found at the fish stall but I'm thinking why bother giving them names, when I can't even train Bubu to come when I call him! Hahaha. Itu dgn kucing, kalau dgn anak, lagi teruk tak tau....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bits and Bobs


I think there is something to be said about Radio Era fans. There must be something amiss when their listeners get their undies in a twist about something they have read in MANGGA. To think that Leez AF4 not returning a dress could actually make a difference in their lives.

Ho hum.

Anyhoo, overheard on Radio Era:

Linda Off: Ye, apa yang baru dibaca (or something like that lah, wasn't really paying attention)?

Caller: Er, pasal Britney Spears ngn boyfriend dia yang baru tu.

Lina Off: Oooh, yg paparazzi tu?

Caller: Bukan ........yg jurugambar tu...

Ho hum.


We have decided to call the white fluffy kitten Jimi. He has been adapting well to a house with 8 other cats. However, since the last two days haven't been eating well. Last night we noticed he had watery stool. I told Abg to get him to KBVC and now dear Jimi has been warded. Kesian dia...hope he comes home soon.


Did something stupid, really idiotic today. The turning out of HTM is placed on a slight inclination and just at the corner is the monsoon drain cover. Today, tah camne tah, while taking that turn, I misjudged the space and ran the side of my Kenari unto the sharp edge of the structure. Rabak tyre and belah bawah pintu kereta (where you would find the skirting) habis kena toreh macam kena tikam dgn pisau.

Nasib baik kedai tayar dekat. Heesh.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mak Long and Pak Long will miss you two soooo much....

My niece and nephew will be leaving for England tomorrow night. As much as I am happy for their mother and slightly relieved for their TokMa, I know great sorrow will linger in the void that will be left by those two.

Hannah's arrival into this world was welcomed with much joy and anticipation, being the first grandchild of the family. She was a very disproportionate baby when she was smaller - she looked unusually 'long' - but she has expanded (vertically, thank goodness) much nicer nowadays....

Hannah turned out to be such a delight to be with, that is when she is good. Man, can that little girl talk! and I don't think she ever went through the 'pelat' stage. At three she was saying things like, "Eh, mana topi awak?!" and at 4, she went up to her kindy teacher and asked her "Kenapa cow ada tetek?" TokMa just lurrrves regaling her friends with the latest anecdotes of Hannah.

She used to be quite difficult at times too - one second she was chattering away and the next suddenly all quiet and with her back against us. We knew then that she is in her 'merajuk' mood. If not handled properly, that sulking phase will quickly turn into a silent sob, and kalau tak pujuk jugak, alamat major bawling episode lah jadinya. But she is much better now, TokMa made sure of that, kan TokMa?

Hariz (or Ayes, as he is more affectionately known) is the complete opposite. While Hannah is chatty and warm, Ayes is more of the strong silent type. He kinda reminds me of Tarzan, with his 'Me Tarzan, you Jane' dialogue.

He does love his food though. We used to joke that kalau nak kidnap budak nie, just offer him food, he will definitely come running!

So anyway, they'll be leaving tomorrow night. I know TokMa will be sad, what with her third grandchild possibly leaving soon after that too. When they come back, Hannah will be a young lady of eight, possibly with a British accent and most likely will not be able to remember sleeping while cuddling her TokMa, being afraid of Pak Long's goatee and being brought shopping by Mak Long and Pak Long whenever they come visiting from Kelantan.

So, be good okay you two...and don't forget to remind Mummy that she is to update us with loads of piccies of you two in Facebook!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Yin and Yang no more....

I knew something was awfully wrong the moment I saw Abg's name on my phone display. Abg never calls me so early in the morning unless something is wrong.

The first thing I asked was, 'Anak kucing mati?' - wanting me to be wrong. Alas, I was to be disappointed. Abg had been trying to gather Bubu, Fifi and Fizzy before he goes off to work but could not find Fifi. We usually let them out of the room in the mornings in case they needed to do their business after being cooped up in our room all night. Just as he was driving off, he saw a cat similar to Fifi's markings on the road just outside the compound. As soon as he saw Fifi's red collar, he knew something bad had happened.

Dari sebesar tapak tangan I bela Fifi. Despite being so much smaller compared to Mimot, she survived when her sibling succumbed. When we found Fizzy, we were so happy that they could get along. Fizzy became Fifi's companion. At nights they would sleep together, either in between us on the bed, on the computer chair or even in the wardrobe.

For some strange reason, Fifi just adores Abg. When Abg would be watching TV, she would climb on his shoulder and tummy.

Sekarang, dua2 beradik yang org buang dlm semak kat depan rumah dah takde. Takde dah Fifi yg suka jilat2 and menguap sambil mengeluarkan bau mulut busuknya. Tak boleh dah kitorg belai bulu Fifi yg lebat berkilat. Takde dah kawan Fizzy tidur dalam almari. Takde dah tempat untuk Bubu membuli and main kejar2.

Semua tu dah takde....

Monday, January 14, 2008

I think TEN should be enough, kan Yang....

Yes, you heard me right. TEN. Ten is the number of cats and kittens of varying ages that I currently have in my (FIL's) house.

I was, as usual, tending to my nine felines when Abg drove his car into the garage. After 5 minutes and he still hasn't come over, I grew suspicious. Bila jenguk kepala, Abg lambai2 macam budak kecik jumpa mainan baru. He bade me to look under his seat. I pun unceremoniously scooted down and saw this white ball of fur crouched underneath.

So, tada....! Presenting white-ball-of-fur-yet-to-be-named. and No, we didn't buy him (my house is increasingly becoming male dominated lah!) - the owner of the shop where Abg frequently goes for his meals offered him to Abg. I told Abg he can keep lil kitty provided we don't show preference to him above the others. Yes, I treat my furkids like my kids, seriously I do. RKM will understand my notions, I think, kan RKM?

Bulu macam kapas - sooooo soft!

Nak bagi nama apa ek?

For a while new kitty didn't want to eat, didn't want to socialise with three-kitties-we-found-at-gerai-jual-ikan and snarled at everyone. He did, however like our company and would follow us all over the house. So, we thought to help him overcome his presumed homesickness, we would let him sleep in our room. BIG MISTAKE. The next morning, I was awaken with his poop nicely put in between our pillows. So, apart from Bubu, Fifi and Fizzy, I think no one else will get the privilege of sleeping in the bedroom until they are completely toilet trained, thank you very much!

Excited at the litter tray. Asal letak pasir fresh, semua gi guling2 dlm tu.

They new kids have been having loose stool for a few days during the weekend and Abg took them to the vet since I had to take over a colleague's call but they seem alright now. We put them together and even Abg's white prince have gotten accustomed to his new home.

I think ten is enough, don't you think?

Friday, January 11, 2008

Am I becoming too content for my own good?

I've always thought that contentment is the key to happiness. Being content with your partner and his/her shortcomings, being content with work and not be too 'berkira', content with your financial status - be it small or otherwise.

But lately I've been thinking whether I have been too content? Where is the fine line between contentment and lack of ambition/aspirations?

I used to wish that Abg is more romantic/more expressive - sometimes I'm not sure what he really feels - and it has been the source of a few minor (and bordering major too) squabbles between the two of us - but then I realise that Abg does the small small things that I sometimes tend to overlook; like when I noted that the toilet is looking a bit grubby (masa tu pakai spek, kalau tak pakai, tak nampak) and the next thing I know, as I was rolling up my sleeves to get down to it, I saw that it has already been scrubbed. Bila masa dia buat pun tak tau. and when he brings the car for its regular maintenance, or when he hangs up the clothes or when he never orders me or expects me to do the ironing or when he offers to buy dinner when I'm too lazy to cook.

Financially, I'm okay. I mean, we never have to scrutinize every single thing we buy (something Ma often shakes her head to! :)) and yet we have enough left over to give generously to my parents and brothers, go on holidays and occasionally get something expensive as gifts and still have some savings so as to keep during the rainy days. Do I ever wish to become richer? Hmm, I don't know - sometimes I do wonder what it feels like to have tonnes of dough and have chandeliers the price of a small bungalow hanging in my dining hall - but it only lasts about 2 secs and then I'm back to reality. The reality that some people barely have enough to eat, don't even own a car to bring them to the nearest clinic or that some of the babies I treat wear clothes that are as worn as the 'kain buruk' in my kitchen.

So, in short, no, I am not obsessed with being rich.

What about careerwise? Frankly, I really cannot face 4 more years of reading and slogging. I barely have time to be a proper housewife, what with only arriving home at half five most days and being oncall (and of course post call days are down the drain too). I salute all working mothers; and especially those without maids - you people really are superwomen! But anywho, where do I go from here? Takkan nak jadi chronic MO? Occasionally I am just tempted to work off the remaining 5 years of my contract and then resign....but will I be happy not working? Sometimes I wish I am brave enough to do something else - but what? Do you think I will be a good businesswoman? or maybe a writer? I may be content where I am right now but will I be so in 5 years time? Furthermore, what if in 5 years time I look back and wish I had done something about it?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Somebody stop me...!

BTW, went to see Tesco KB today. With about one hundred million other people?! Ramai gila manusia kat Tesco (Tesco is spelt ta-ya-sin-kap-wau - TISKU..hehe) KB I think other places must have been completely deserted.

Tesco spelt in 'jawi' - something you won't see at other Tesco's, I bet.

...Ta-ya-sin-kap-wau - TISKU....hehehe...

Quite a lot of their sub tenants are shops I would usually only find in Kuantan or KL. UFO is there, so is and Big Apple Donuts!!!! As usually seen at other Tesco's, ppl went beserk at the prawn table - rm8.99 per kg I think. The pick and mix pastry section and the sushi counter was a novelty as well. Most people took advantage of the Tesco brand merchandise - kitchen towel, diapers etc etc. What I love most about Tesco opening here is having otherwise hard to find brands suddenly available. There are no bookshops there - but I guess I haven't really seen an MPH or Popular at the other Tescos I've been to - and of course there's a Nagoya but apart from Bata didn't see other shops selling shoes so I guess I will still need to go to KB Mall once in a while. Will somebody open an MPH here, puh leeeeease? or a Jusco even?

But anyhow, we left right before I broke out in hives (from my allergy to humongous amount of human being in a confined space) and stopped by to get fresh fish for the kids. (I started writing the earlier entry on Friday and only completed it today, hence the discrepancy in the dates of what happened when.)

So now I have NINE! Where will I put all of them lahhh?? Abg was hesitant at first but I can see he has fallen in love with the new addition to the family.

The tabby of the group - yg dua lagi tu white with black markings.

Tell me, how can you not fall in love with this face?

Khas untuk RKM - Bubu 'membulatkan diri' dlm tong sampah...

Friday, January 04, 2008

A pet is for life...

...not just for Christmas.

That was featured rather often on UK tv nearing the holidays season. Basically the local RSPCA noted a considerable increase in the number of animals being abandoned or sent to the shelter after the holiday razzmatazz has ended. Not just your run of the mill cats and dogs, sometimes exotics like baby alligators too. But I guess people will always succumb to the whinings of their loved ones and do things on a whim.

Sometimes I get puzzled when people turn up at forums and advertise for a persian/or other similar looking long haired cat. Willing to pay a certain amount of fee yada yada yada. Why? I mean why pay? If you call yourself a cat lover, surely you love all cats regardless of breed and appearance?

Take my sweetheart Bubu - remember when I said I picked him up wandering at my OPD? Now 5 months on, people keep asking me where I bought him! Imagine that? and I proudly tell them the truth - 'Ala, kucing kutip je tu...'

It's worst when you decide to buy a cat after being pestered by your kids. I mean, what do kids know about the difference between a domestic and a pure breed? It's like when your kids pester you for a Winter Wonderland Barbie (ada ke? I make up je nie) instead of a regular and much cheaper toy, do you think it's the kids fault or yours?

To kids, a cat is a cat is a cat. The novelty is, instead of being cold and battery operated, they run around unpredictably, lick your face and is nice to hold. And novelties being novelties, they usually wear off and after two months, your expensive pet has now become a burden when your child is now pestering you for the latest robot, spinning top or whatever the trend is. Especially so when you return home after a long day at the office, dinner waiting to be cooked, laundry needing to be done and of course the cat cage and litter tray having to be cleaned.

It is this demand that is causing business by the backyard cat breeders to flourish. Female cats get turned into kitten-producing machines, with absolutely no TLC and luxuries and when their kitten birthing days are over, out they go unto the streets, left to fend on their own.

We need to instil a better sense of awareness towards animal welfare; if you think you can't afford to take care of a litter of kitties, spay or neuter your cats. Some people are already initiating a Trap-Neuter-and-Release (TNR) programme at their locality, and with their own money too! I went to get fresh fish (how ironic is it that I am too lazy to cook at the end of a working day yet get so enthusiastic about boiling fish for the kids...:)) earlier today and saw these three bundles of scraggly fur playing around in the grass. Perhaps their owner thought they might have a better chance at survival being left near a fish stall. They were barely a month old! Nasib baik diorg tak lari when I ungraciously waded through the calf high grass and weeds to gather them up. Abg siap geleng kepala tgk I bawak diorg.

The pakcik at the stall siap ckp 'Kucing kampung je nie, tak payah la bela..' - eeee, this is the kind of attitude that is contributing towards the uncontrollable number of stray cats...! So only kucing mahal deserves the best care ke?


Ciku, Ciki and Cumi in their brand new cage.