Tuesday, February 23, 2010


...this is what I feel like doing.

I think I am turning into a demophobe.

Main Entry: demophobe
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a hater of people, esp. in crowds
Etymology: Greek demos 'people'

But sometimes, I really can't stand people. Which, I guess, explains the cats.


Wanna hear something tragic?

Coming back from work - transporting cows - only to have your eye injured after being involved in a car crash with a - COW.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


...and as of one minute ago, highest bid of RM135......

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend pondering

I wonder what changes people. Especially in matters of principles and religion.

What, for example, would change a demure conservative kampung girl into a wine-drinking, pissed-at-the-pub type. NOT that I know anyone like that. It is, an example, like I mentioned.

What drives a person, to do or decide to do something that has been instilled into him/her as wrong?

Stealing is wrong. Killing is wrong. - so you know you won't do it.

Is it any different with drinking or sleeping around? Surely the principle is the same.

Was it hard the first time you took that glass of wine in your hand and drank it, I wonder? For surely you have been raised a good Muslim - if not by your parents, then you were taught by your teachers.

Was it the pressure of friends, or were you simply curious or were you ashamed of being labelled a prude for not drinking? Maybe if you didn't join in the fun, bosses would pass you over for the promotion or project you were eyeing.

It is a hard thing to do to be a good Muslim nowadays.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Do you remember....

...when your parents start to appear a little bit smaller than how you used to imagine them to be?

My parents were always the people I looked up to when I was growing up. I remember being so proud when Ma would come to school to pick us up because I have always thought that she is way prettier than all the other mothers.

I remember how strongly Pa would grip my hand in his while we were crossing the road. I remember how strong he looked when he would sit by his desk at work and we would be in the pantry eating 'biskut kapalterbang'.

They appeared so sure and so tall and so big.

I went home recently and gave my mum a hug. She looked so sad and so frail, that I was sure I could hold her in the both of my hands.

I wondered then how it is that I could not see how fragile my Ma has become....

Saturday, February 06, 2010

My bimboish moment...

We had just checked out of the hotel room where we spent the night courtesy of Abg's membership and Abg had gone to check us out and had told me to go to the car.

I got into the elevator and pressed B1 and a teenage boy got in and pressed 7 but the light didn't go on.

"You kena ada card kalau nak naik ke bilik" says I.

"Oh, kena slot mana?"

So I proceeded to show him and the lift door opened and I stepped out. With a reassuring, "Alright?" I strode purposefully towards the car park.

I turned left where I was sure Abg parked his car last night, stopping to admire a double digit plated, blue Mitsubishi Evo. Walked a little bit more and still couldn't find it.

'Must be in the other direction then' and so I walked.

Still no car.

I walked again in the opposite direction. 'Abg must have parked a bit further than I originally thought' - but no car.

A moment of panic rushed through me, 'Abg's car have been stolen!'

As I walked towards the elevators, it struck me - I should have gone one floor down in B2 where Abg REALLY parked his car.


Bimboish moment over.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Love is.....

...coming back from work and finding your husband bent over a tray of roasted peanuts, shelling them individually (because you've never done it before and don't know the way to do it) because he knew you wanted to make 'kuah kacang' and you won't have time to start from scratch....

...stopping by your wife's 'oncall house' with two cendols, rojak perut and rojak buah because you know it will make her day...

...removing the prawns' shells before cooking meehun because you know your wife finds it cumbersome to do it while eating...

...cooking fried eggs with soya sauce and cili padi when your wife is too tired to cook post call...

...not minding ironing her clothes or when there are three whole baskets of laundry waiting to be folded because you know your wife is doing EOD calls...

....all the little things you do that you think I don't remember or think is significant enough..

Happy 6th Anniversary Abg.