Thursday, June 22, 2006

'cos I'm worth it!

I'm a sucker for testimonials. And by that I mean testimonials for skin care, slimming products, etc. Especially ones that come with before and after pictures.

You get what I mean?

My skin routine has been the same since about ten years ago. Cleanse twice daily, with an off the shelf foaming wash, RM9.90 (RM8.90 on sale). Moisturize post wash, a serum guaranteed to fight the seven signs of aging, RM38.90. At one stage I even got myself to tone, but it got fiddly so it was later abandoned. I don't go for facials, I do masks probably once in a blue moon, the same can also be said for exfoliating. Heck, even before my wedding reception, I didn't bother with mandi lulurs or what nots. I don't think Mr Anuar would appreciate me taking leave just for the purpose of indulging myself...:)

So, as a result of my lack-a-daisical attitude towards my skin care regime, my skin has started to retaliate. I've been experiencing more break outs, my skin has become uneven, you'd think I've got a map of Australia permanently tattoed on. The only thing that I didn't have to be worried about was having to fuss with skin whitening stuff. Thanks to my chinese genes.

Anyway, I've been hearing about this product a lot lately. It's Canadian and a 180ml bottle of cleanser can easily buy me a posh meal in a five star hotel. and of course, it was the testimonial which snared me. It was a picture of how gorgeous the skin looked after 'just 4 weeks!', but to me it translated as - fantastic skin, 20 kilos lighter and all the chocolate I can eat.

Funny isn't it, advertising?

Anyhow, my latest miracle worker is probably going to arrive next week. Let's see if it's as wonderful as those testimonials say.

If it doesn't, well, I can always start going for facials....

Friday, June 16, 2006

Cruella de Ville on de road....

Today I pissed off a pakcik in a dark blue old Datsun.

It was a two-lane way somewhere near Jerteh. I had just dropped Abang off in KB for his male bonding fishing weekend. It was Zohor and there was virtually almost no traffic.

So, I was zooming past, averaging 110km/h when I came across this pakcik. I flashed my light, no response. Fine. I overtook him on the left lane and turned into the right lane, right in front of his car and took my feet off the accelerator.

Apa lagi, bengang la pakcik. (and what was he doing on the road anyway, tang org lain semua gi solat Jumaat?) When I saw him try to overtake me, I pun pecut la. Bengang pakcik honked at me. Truth be told, I was glad he didn't hide a turbo engine under that bonnet of his, kalau tak....

These people aa...can't they read? JKR dah buat signboard terang2an, IKUT KIRI JIKA TIDAK MEMOTONG. Itu pun susah nak ikut ke? or your stupid car's steering wheel cannot turn to left mah? The worst offenders are makciks in fake Gucci sunglasses (at 7 am in the morning pun mau pakai sunglasses) and equally fake Chanel rings. Kalau laju tu tak kisahlah sgt, nie bawak 40km/h pun terhegeh2 nak duduk lane kanan. Tension wehhhhh......

So, next time you're driving along Setiu-Jerteh or Machang-KB road and you see a silver Kenari (most likely very dirty also) zooming on the left lane past all those cars lined up on the right lane, that'll probably be me.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Al Fatihah

Received call from ex colleague in Hospital Pasir Puteh. My ex MO, ex colleague Dr Suriani Abdul Kadir had passed away in Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II at about 8 in the morning.

She had been induced for labour which proceeded badly so she had to be operated on. Apparently earlier this morning she had complained of chest pains. She collapsed in ward and attempts at resuscitation had failed.

I'm still in a state of shock. Kak Su (as I affectionately called her, despite being the same age, her birthday only one day before mine) had always been so accommodating, so friendly and so adored by the staff at Tanah Merah Hospital.

The twist is, ever since I knew her, as a naive, stupid houseman in HKB, up to when we worked together as MOs in Tanah Merah, she had been trying so hard to get a baby. Good naturedly she would always keep us up to date with the latest food supplement, or treatment that she had gone through.

Senior, colleague, friend, daughter, wife - I'm sure she will be missed by all.


Dr Bekeng on the prowl again

Yesterday I marah2 to my staff again.

I guess it all started on Tuesday morning. Since I had a court appearance on Monday, I had taken leave on Sunday. Abang was reluctant to drive back to Setiu on Monday since he had some work in KB on Tuesday. So aku la kena bangun pagi and drive dlm gelap subuh to make it to work by 8.

As I opened the doors of my house, the sound of running water greeted me. Pelik. I don't think I left the tap running last week. Gi jenguk dapur, air melimpah all over the kitchen floor, siap ada sediments lagi all over the kitchen sink and floor. The tap had broke at the connection and god knows how long it has been that way. Lari ke meter, (70 litres of water had run - abih bill air!) tried to switch it off-didn't work. Tap was loose. Nasib baik jumpa another main switch on the wall.

In the end, tak masuk kerja. Called CC at the office to get someone to fix it and then spent the rest of the day cleaning the muck off my floor.

The next day was antenatal clinic day. Dah tak masuk kerja for three days, berlambak2 la cases tertangguh. Ibu mengandung la, medical check up la, jaundice la, hypertension la. I completed seeing patients at two. Abang bought nasi ayam, bless him. Returned to clinic slightly later than usual, another heap of cases waiting to be seen.

What made me 'meletup' was a case from the other clinic, referred to me for insertion of IUCD. It was already 4.15, I still had one scan to do, two more cases to see and a patient waiting at the MCH for IUCD exchange. Aaarrrghhhh!!!!!

Dr Bekeng (on calling the other clinic): Siapa yg hantar pesakit nie untuk masuk IUCD?
Unlucky staff on the other side: Kita cuba call doctor tapi kaunter kata doktor keluar sekejap. Jadi kita pun suruh patient pergi aje.
Me: Doktor awak mana?
Staff: Dr *tut* ambik PM off.
Me: (What the h***????) Awak tau tak saya ramai lagi patient saya? Sekrg dah pukul 4 suku, saya ada scan lagi, kes OPD lagi, patient saya sendiri untuk masuk IUCD. Kalau awak telefon saya, ckp sepatah pun saya tak marah macam nie.
Staff: Kita dah try call tapi doktor takde...
Me: Ye la saya takde, klinik pagi saya pun habis pukul 2!!!!
Staff: Takpe la doktor (tone suara bengang giler), hantar balik la patient tu.
Me: Senang la awak cakap. Lain kali, ada courtesy (ntah2 staff tu tak paham pun apa makna courtesy) nak call saya and beritahu sepatah kalau awak nak hantar pesakit macam nie...
Bang, letak telefon., fuming mad......

Balik rumah, Abang had to suffer through another barrage of all types of discontent and disatisfaction from me.

Tak sabarnya nak balik semula kerja di hospital.....