Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I did today

Look, I understand parking at any hospital is horrendous. At least patients only have to endure it once every few weeks or months - God knows if our government had more sense and plan efficient shuttle services to hospitals maybe it can help, but that is another story - we have to deal with it on a daily basis.

Hence, I've resorted to driving to work while it's still dark in order to snap up that coveted space - which is not my story.

I cannot however tolerate idiots who park inconsiderately that you are now blocking other people. At least leave a note lah - or else I will leave a note for you, ada faham?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is it....

...about Malaysians and their obsession with shopping?


Bandung - shopping.

Jakarta - shopping.

Bangkok - shopping.

Jogja - shopping and okay lah, maybe Borobudur.

Solo - shopping.

Chiang Mai - shopping.

London - also shopping?!


Kalau nak shopping, tak yah g London - you can save your flight ticket fare and just shop at KLCC. Setakat nak beli shopping bag Harrods....