Monday, November 25, 2013

Sayangku Spicy

Spicy is ill.

I noticed that she has been preferring dark places and not rushing to get out to the porch as she usually would whenever we were getting ready to leave for work. Food left out remained untouched.

I tried bribing her with tuna - hoping the treat would cheer her up - nothing. Not even a sniff.

The vet ran tests and found out that her kidneys are failing. Spicy was severely dehydrated and even with drips, she kept losing the fluids through her urine. She looked stressed, cooped up in a cage with the incessant barking of the dogs at the clinic but we wouldn't be able to help her much at home.

Spicy has always been a fighter; she had survived an infected broken leg, a shoulder disarticulation, and an infected wound - but I am not sure if she will survive this one.

Get well soon Spicy.