Monday, January 11, 2010

On a more cheery note

Dedicated to a colleague who is so excited at seeing S/B preceeding his name for the first time ever. I know you will see how funny this clip is.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Egotistical me

How ironic it is, I was thinking this morning while I was having toast in the OT's pantry, that the brand name of the sweet prune 'asam' sitting on the microwave was EGO.

Because that was what I was called by a patient's relative in a heated discussion that ended up with me slamming the ward's door.

In fact, I slammed it with such rage that my colleague had difficulty opening the door when he was called to resuscitate a patient.

Sometimes I think I'm such a hypocrite. One moment I am a supporter of confrontation and laying it all out, yet sometimes when faced with such situation, all rationale goes out the window and I blame everything under the sun but the person I see in the mirror.

What I decided to do later that night was an easy decision to make, because I knew it was the right thing but in all honest truth, was one of the hardest thing I had to do. Even as I approached the patient's bed and reached out to tap her on her shoulder, I was in half a mind to turn away and run.

But I am glad I didn't because that would've made me a coward, one who zings people yet can't take the truth when it hit her on her face and I didn't want to be that person. My parents did not raise me to be that person and I would've woken up this morning ashamed of myself.

Yes it was painful and I was humbled - perhaps he was right, that I am an egotistical human.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Kudos to the Selangor govt for taking this initiative. I've always believed that Malaysians tend to use more plastic bags than it is good for the environment.

Of course IKEA started their Save the Environment campaign much earlier by charging for their bags and TESCO gave incentives in the form of points when customers reused bags when grocery shopping.

It is sad though that we need incentives in the money form before actually getting off our butts to do something about it. I've always heard people saying, "Ah, if you're the only one who does it, what difference will it make?" - maybe not but at least I will have a clear conscience.

My shopping trolley - bag from Popular, Molnlycke, Toko Tiga Bandung, Marks and Spencer (good for the wet stuff) and GSK.

But I do have to gloat that I've been reusing bags for quite some time. All those drug companies are just giving away good sturdy bags at conferences and symposiums. Why not put them to good use?

If you had magic powers.....

......don't you ever wonder what you would do?

I would make it so that rubbish that get thrown out of windows of cars fly back into the vehicle and preferably get stuck on the face of the person who threw it in the first place.

I would magically drain out the air from all the tyres of cars who stupidly park right at a junction, or even facing a junction.

I would make disappear cars who double park and obstruct the flow of traffic.

I would make a sign appear on the windshield, for people who don't signal before deciding to decelerate - which says, "Bagi signal la moron!" Similar to slowpokes who decide they just can't be bothered to drive on the left hand lane - "Ikut kiri kalau bawak macam siput!"

Whether or not I add an expletive will depend on my mood that day.

If you had magic powers, what would you do?