Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nonsensical ramblings

I have this strange habit - well, I wouldn't call it a habit but more of an observation - of thinking that medical officers can tell what their calling in professional life is by looking at the type of cases that come when they are on call.

For instance, I noticed that when the senior Peads MO is oncall, somehow it is on that night that kids usually come to our casualty.

Last weekend I was on call and I noted that there were mainly surgical based cases that turned up that day as my partner is the current Surgical MO.

Now, what deduction should I make when I'm on call, and no cases turn up?

P/S: The above statement is by no means me "bercakap besar" - after all I still have one on call left this month.

Friday, July 17, 2009


...for the blocking of blogs on the hospital internet.

I mean, at nights when you are on casualty call, and you are just sitting there waiting for the results to come back, at least that gives us something to do. Besides, I write best in the middle of the night when the patients are just thinning and sleep eludes me.

Anywho, last night's call was one of those weird ones. It was practically patient-less from about 5 to about half ten. Yes, it must be one of those blue moon nights. My partner, however, wasn't so lucky. She was riding on the ambulance escorting an ICB case and only came back at about ten, only to be woken up at about 2 to escort another case. But of course, TM being the place it is, patients started to come after midnight. For a three day fever, can you believe it? Have some mercy people?!

It is a shame when the public misuses the casualty department like this. They have learnt that staff at district hospitals will call you ASAP when you turn up after midnight as they want to settle all cases as quickly as possible. It doesn't help that TM has an abundance of a night life for all the nocturnals. Hmm.

Anyway, I was woken up at half twelve for a case of assault and an MVA where a boy cracked his forehead open. The skull was exposed and I swear I can feel a crack yet the CT scan came back normal i.e. no evidence of a skull fracture. Good news for the kid but kinda embrassing for me. However, my partner that night examined the wound and totally agreed with my assessment.

I will be oncall again tomorrow and hope I won't be as unlucky as my partner.

My parents must be pretty happy right now as all three grandkids are back. Apparently my niece has become a minah salleh (Hi Hannah!) and Ayes is still being Ayes. They are expecting their fourth grandkid any moment now. Seems like kids are popping everywhere. Sigh.

There are times during the year when work starts to bore me. Perhaps I am one of those people who get excited about something for a short while and then grow out of the phase. Kinda risky when it involves work what with an apartment in KL to pay for. Maybe what I need is to get out of Kelantan. There are times when I wonder how I ended up in a life that is so vastly different from what I am used to. I've been informed that my family members wonder about this on a regular basis.

I had a conversation with a colleague not long ago. Among others it centred on our lives and how not having kids affected it. I've long discovered that I no longer care if we have kids or not. I look at other people's offsprings and I am relieved that people won't be able to judge me based on how my kids look like and how they behave. We're already being judged on the job we hold, the car we drive and the number of jewellery we own - life doesn't need to be so complicated.

I also decided that I will make a lousy parent. I can't even get my cats to respond to their names. They all come running on "tsk tsk tsk" so I might as well have called them all "tsk tsk tsk"- hahaha. Jokes aside, should it is fated that we remain childless, I am content. I believe that my marriage is strong enough to withstand this and I consider myself lucky as not many married couples can say the same thing with the same amount of conviction as I have.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fuming mad post...

I received news of this last night but was down with fever so only managed to write this down now. My youngest baby brother is doing his pre U course in UM. Yesterday, in one of his chemistry practical class, a friend accidentally knocked a test tube filled with undiluted chemical and it spattered on his back.

Do you know what the stupid teacher in the class did? He dabbed on it and said it would be ok. OK????? My brother now has a gaping hole in the skin of his back, what do you say to that? I thought the first things you learnt when you enter a lab is basic first aid? Whatever happened to letting the skin sit under running water you idiot?! and you don't even have the decency to send your student to the health centre. Idiot.

and at the Health Centre, another idiot nurse let my brother sit for an hour unattended without any further treatment while the chemical was practically burning a hole in his back!

However, kudos and thank you to this Burmese medical officer who saw the urgency of my brother's case and actually sent my brother to UMMC.

So much for being the top Uni in Malaysia. I suppose this is where we are when we only run like headless chickens to get everything in order only when the Accreditation Survey is going to be held.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I heart Singapore!

The number of hours my KBR-KUL flight was delayed - 5

The amount of time I said "I heart Singapore!" while I was there - many!

The number of steps we took travelling up and down escalators and buses and walking - gazillions.

The number of times we went to VivoCity but did not go to Sentosa but instead went to Candy Empire - 2

The number of times we saw a Mat Salleh and his SPG nearly getting into a physical fight with a scrawny chinese guy with very frightened girlfriend - 1

The number of keychains I bought at Bugis Street - 30

The number of fridge magnets I bought - 5

The number of wallets I had planned to buy - 1
The number of wallets I ended up buying - 0

The number of handbag I planned to buy - 0
The number of handbag I ended up buying - 1

The amount of bruised knee I got as a result of stumbling off the ramp in front of the Singapore Science Centre - 1

The number of people Abg said saw me fall - 0
The real number of people who saw me fall - probably EVERYONE there!

The whole Singaporean experience - priceless.

It's nice to be home......

...but Singapore was fantastic!

There were all these 'signs' that I kept coming across, as if telling me that I shouldn't be going on the trip, but I am glad I did.

There was the 5 hour plus delay on our flight back to Kuala Lumpur where we ended up arriving at Ma's house at nearly 2 am, but otherwise the rest of the trip was smooth sailing.

However, is it me, or is this guy wearing OT trousers?

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Things to do when you are post call...

....is scrape half the length of your already battered Kenari against a moronic lorry whose driver couldn't be bothered to find a better space, hence blocking half the road.


.....and then go home irritated because of the above incident and snap at your other half.