Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a boring entry...

I love blogs. I'm so addicted to blogs that the first thing I do when I'm logged on is to click on all my bookmarked blogs and see if they have any new entries. Yang patheticnya, when I'm on my lunch break and I'm at home, I STILL drop by to see if they have any new entries!! :)

To me, blogs give an insight into other people's lives and how they think. Sometimes I think I should be a psychologist - I just luuurrrrrve analysing what people say and why do they say the things they say. It's like, reality TV but you read instead of you watch. You get me..? :) and as I've said before, I believe that there is a voyeur inside each and everyone of us, and it's because of this trait that reality TV has become so successful today. But apart from a handful of those shows, I'm not really a fan. I've always loved reading. I can't stand having nothing to do so that's why I always have a book with me. I'm the type of person who reads in the toilet and I have a mini library in them!

I spend an average RM200 per month on reading material and I'd rather spend my dosh on books than the latest make up line or clothes (not that I can find many that fit me....Hahahaha..). When I was studying, the place that you'll definitely find me during the weekend is the public library.

In short, take away my TV, take away my chocolate covered digestives, but don't you dare lay your grimy hands on my Harry Potter collection! :)

But I digress - so anyhow, I think my blog is rather boring compared to the others that I've read. I love reading about Zetty's antics as she goes about her life, juggling work and family. She has a fantastic comedic (is that even a proper word? Sounds like something that grows on your face) sense about her. Her entries (apart from the recent ones about the loss in her life) almost always make me laugh out loud. RotiKacangMerah talks so sweetly about her husband and how they enjoy life together. Her cats are cute too!

Blogs add an extra bit of oomph in my other wise hum drum life. I will be sorry if/when my work gets a bit more hectic, that I won't have such pleasures anymore.

Here's to blogs and freedom of expression and the voyeurs in all of us! :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

A period of change

Yeay, my transfer has been finalised...!!

My FMS told me that my transfer letter has finally been sent and I am to report to Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Kelantan on the 2nd October. Yeay! Tapi sedih pun ada...

Life is a bit hectic what with fasting month coming soon, and me having to transfer stuff to the other half of the house so that the contractor will be able to complete renovation works by the beginning of Ramadhan...

FIL came with a lorry today to get some stuff away. Mostly the large stuff - my sofa (pleeeeease la don't smudge my lovely cream sofa okay......), the divan and the headboard (which has been rendered useless since we've been sleeping on the mattress, on the floor in front of the tv) and a wardrobe which has only been collecting dust in the master bedroom. Talking about that, I think from now on, I won't be needing wardrobes for my clothes. I'll just get those racks with wheels on, that you can hang clothes from. Kinda like the ones you see in supermarkets.

All you need are tons and tons of hangers. Easy peasy. Angkat je baju, just hang them on. No clutter, no folding (letih wo, lipat kain...:)). Yes, it won't look nice, but who'll see anyway, kan....

Had a weird day at the office this morning. I have a patient who has had 8 or maybe 9 kids already and currently at 32 weeks gestation. She's been complaining of contractions for the past one week and had just been discharged from the hospital in KT the day before.

This morning, she was rushed in, claiming she wants to 'teran' already. So my nurse pun kelam kabut put on her apron and got ready all her stuff to deliver this anticipated premature baby.

Put her in position, rupa2nya benda yang dia nak teran tu rupanya her vaginal wall prolapse! Even when my staff nurse dah 'relocated' it, she still insists that she wants to push. Walhal os is closed! Adduuuiii.....tension i..and this patient, when she's in between pregnancy, totally refuses contraception, that my nurses told me that at one time they had to chase her around the kampung to give her the Depo injection.

I'm not against having children. I tell my patients, kalau awak mampu dari segi zahir dan mampu bertanggungjawab pada anak2 awak, saya tak kisah awak nak berdozen2 anak pun. Tapi kalau anak berderet2 sampai awak tak cukup makan, selalu letih, anak sekolah keciciran, itu kah cara yang terbaik untuk menjaga amanah Allah ni? Memang betul tiap2 anak ada rezeki masing2 tapi rezeki tu masih perlu dicari. Bukan duduk saja di rumah pun masuk duit.....I think some of them go home and tell their husbands what I said, they must be thinking dr suriana is teaching wives to go against their husbands!!! :) :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Do you love to watch people like I do?

When I go out to places - hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, pasar malams - I tend to observe people. I love seeing kids and how easily they can make friends; one minute they are shyly peeking from behind mummy's skirt, one minute later they are holding hands and running all over the place. I love watching the mummies, often with a small one, chatting with other mummies about how Danish is just so 'buas' and how Qistina just loves playing with her lipstick.

I watch the dating couples - some so brazen, hands in each other's pockets and bodies so close together I can't tell which is which; and some so coy, they were walking about a feet apart.

I see the Politeknik students walk by. Boys, usually, in a group of 6-10 of them. T-shirts 1 size too small, thick rimmed plastic frames (which are usually non prescription glasses) and hair spiked in all directions. Not to forget the metal dog chain hung nonchalantly from the back trouser pocket to the front trouser pocket.

But most of all, people who line up for food are the ones that amuse me the most. I hate going to hotel buffets, mainly because I then become the hateful, laser mouthed me. What is it about free food that makes us monsters?

The first in line usually heap food like there's no tomorrow. And they take EVERYTHING. Prawns are usually very popular. Once they finish with the main dish counter, off they went again, this time heading to the dessert station and the process starts all over again. I tell you, I've seen some people actually trying to pull off the sugar decoration from the dessert table!

Me and Abg just love to watch and 'mengumpat' these people. Kiasu sungguh. And y'know what's the worst thing? They usually take a few mouthfuls and push the plate aside. Hello!!!!!! Ada org kebuluran, tau tak? Kat Malaysia pun ada org makan siput babi and you membazir makanan!

Why why why???? Just because you paid RM100 for your buffet, doesn't mean you can waste you know. Just take a little bit, actually put the food in your mouth and if you feel like having more, get up and take seconds la.....aiyo.

We used to love frequenting buffets (well, the only one worth going in KB for the fasting month is Renaissance and that isn't so great, but it's only RM55, so, fairlah...) but we figured, if RM20 is more than enough to get both of us food for both berbuka AND sahur, then we might as well stay at home and save our pahalas from being given to all those people that we are busily badmouthing...hehe...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seperti kucing kehilangan anak...

Little kitty stayed with us that night - when Abg came home, it unashamedly went to bug Abg and menggesel2 ke kaki Abang and totally ignored me. Jeles saya! :)

Fed her chicken pieces and then left it to sleep outside.

The next morning it was still there, waiting for me to open the door and let it in. As I got ready for work, she was playing with the stuff that I have all over my floor. She looked so adorable...and I'm sure Abg won't object to me keeping her.

I left her at the porch this morning as I left for work and when I came back for lunch, she was nowhere to be seen....:(

Even later that evening, whenever I would hear a cat miaowing, I'd jump and run to the door, hoping it'd be my little kitty.....apa nak buat, takde jodoh jadi kucing I la tu....As I said to Abg, 'macam hilang anak'.

The first cat I remember us (my family) having was a mongrel persian. We named her Parsen because she looked like a 'kucing Parsi' but not really. Parsen had a bad case of cat sinusitis and early in the morning, she'd sneeze and sneeze, just like my Ma before she had her op. Parsen was a model cat. Even when she was hungry, she'd never steal anything from the kitchen table. Whenever we'd bathe her, Parsen would never make a fuss, even when we shaped her long fur into mohawks..:) and would sit still when we were blow drying her.

She stayed with us the longest before she suddenly disappeared one day. Ma said maybe she went away somewhere else to die.

Later on we accumulated all sort of cats; all strays but still beautiful nevertheless and they all had their own sweet and sometimes naughty personality. Ponstan (yes, the painkiller) was the 'I-couldn't-care-less' type of cat. Brutal was as brutal looking as his name suggests. Mary and Harry came next. At one stage, Ma even named her kitten after a Cantonese drama serial character, I think! There were numerous others but I can't remember since I wasn't at home much those times.

But we would never forget Ma's favourite cat - Deeque. He was a short haired ginger. Nothing special but he was soooo manja and could never resist whenever Ma is reading the newspaper, Deeque would be jumping up and down, often would be sidling up to Ma's face to kiss her.

If Ma was sitting on the footstool watching TV, Deeque would climb unto her lap and sit among the folds of her housecoat, sort of being in a hammock. Come meal times, whatever his escapades are, Deeque would be running back whenever he'd hear Ma call his name.

I think Ma never recovered from Deeque's passing. Someone put out poison - we weren't sure if it was meant for rats and Deeque mistook it for food - and Deeque was found in the drain. We all cried that day.

After Deeque, Ma decided she wouldn't keep any more pet cats. I think she didn't want to run the risk of being hurt as she gets easily attached to her pets.

I guess when I found little black kitty under my silver Kenari, I was secretly hoping for my own little Deeque.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Here kitty kitty

Hectic day today. Pemeriksaan bakal haji is well underway and I've been trying slowly and surely to finish my 105 bakal hajis. Can't fit too many, as I'm worried about how my counter/registration staff is going to cope, what with the usual number of regular patients. I've gone through about 50-60 of them and the other clinics have yet to start. They all takpe la, ada 23 and 51 org aje....can finish in one go.

Anyway, I was the last person to leave the clinic as usual and found a lovely 'surprise' snoozing underneath the shade of my silver Kenari. The small black kitty wouldn't budge even when I started the engine and I didn't want to risk running over it as I drove out. So I very graciously (NOT) went on all fours and scooped it away.

For a split second I wanted to leave it there. I'm sure it belonged to either Kak K or Kak Yah's ever growing clan of cats, but it looked so adorable and soooo cute...

So, as I am writing this, the yet unnamed kitty is currently snoozing by my feet. I have no idea what I'm going to feed him tonight or where he's going to sleep. and furthermore, where am I leaving it when I leave for courses or FIL's house?

But I really really really wanna keep ittt.............!!!!!