Friday, February 27, 2009

Well lookee here...

'Kucing De ('e' as in THE)' is a female cat who actually belongs to Abg's aunt who lives 2 houses away. She has been our cat since she discovered the abundant food source here. Abg wanted to get rid of her since she's been doing her business in the house but I never had the heart. She has been quite useful the last time when I brought home two small kittens, she nursed them like they were her own.

Anyway, kucing De became pregnant with the stray Tom cat who, yes you guessed it, became a regular here. We were anxious when she started to roam around the house looking for hidey holes to give birth.

About two weeks ago, I was talking to Ma on the phone and kucing De just sauntered along with blood all over her backside. I frantically looked around but couldn't find her litter when suddenly I heard mewing from underneath the steps of the front door and the only way to access that area is by crawling under the house via the side.

Abg called his 'anak sepupu' and we paid him RM10 to get the kitten.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the next day, Abg found the rest of her litter in the boot of the abandoned car in the house next door. They've been in the cold and mummy-less the whole night!

Unsurprisingly, two of the kittens died the next day.

So, the other two have since thrived well and have opened their eyes. The little white one has been having on off abscesses on the limbs and currently have a huge on on her left front foot.

The black one, however, I have discovered, have 24 toes!

Cats usually have 5 toes on their front legs and only 4 toes each on the hind leg, which come to 18, right?

Pic not so clear here but isn't that a cute face?

Count 'em!

Friday morning laugh

You know those quizzes that you take in order for you to know what type of colour you are, whether you're a right or left brained person etc?

This was what I got for "What kind of a doctor are you?"

Hahahahaha. I'm sure at least one specialist in my hospital will disagree. Hahahaha.

Me time now

I don't worry very much.

Unless when I am about to be oncall, then I worry whether there will be cases which I cannot handle, or I worry if my temper is going to be too short or whether a patient is going to die because of my mistake.

But, apart from that, I don't worry very much.

Which is perhaps why I am in this situation right now.

Maybe doctors mislead themselves that they are invincible; just because they are in the health business, then by logic, that they are healthy.

I know I am not. I could do with more exercise, for one thing and less junkfood postcall (it is always postcall, like a mini party for one for me everytime).

When I had my miscarriage last year, the O&G consultant who managed my case noted that there is a small mass near my uterus. He had told me to come again for a repeat scan but of course lah, I was too busy, had other obligations, can always get another date bla bla.

I tried late last year but my specialist had an emergency operation he had to attend and I told myself I would reschedule.

and I can hear my family members whom I know are reading this, saying, why don't you just see the specialist at the hospital where you're working? No need to set appointment what? Yes yes, I know I don't actually have a good excuse.

But anyway, me thinks me must get a specialist's opinion soon. I've been having this lower abdomen discomfort for the past couple of months. On top of that, for the past fortnight, I've been having this really bad lower back pain. Last night, I could barely get myself into the car. Fortunately I had some ketoprofen patch, which at least guaranteed me a continuous night's sleep, otherwise I'd be woken up in the middle of the night due to the pain.

So, I've told myself that I will get xrays done next week at least and arrange for an ultrasound scan soon.

It's time for some me time now.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kalau Suami, Jika Suami

I came across this in a forum and thought I'd put this up here.


Kalau suami mula berahsia..
Itu tandanya dia tak setia

Kalau suami meninggi suara
Itu tandanya dia dah ada mak we

Kalau suami mengaku bujang tua
Itu tandanya dia nak ngurat anak dara

Kalau suami selera tak ada
Itu tandanya dia nak pasang dua

Kalau suami lambat balik aje
Itu tandanya dia dah syok kat setiausaha

Kalau suami tidur di ruang tamu
Itu tandanya dia dah jemu

Kalau suami malam jumaat buat tak tahu
Itu tandanya tak lama lagi hidupmu bermadu

Kalau suami garang macam singa
Itu tandanya hati dia dah tak cinta

Kalau suami asyik komplen aje
Itu tandanya dia dah tak suka

Kalau suami mula sepak terajang ke muka
Itu tandanya dia nak memberimu title JANDA..


Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Dapat gaji semua diberi

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Kerja rumah rela dikongsi

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Kereta diberi suami naik LRT

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Duit poket diberi setiap hari

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
SMS dikirim tanda rindu dihati

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Kongsi masalah nasihat dikasi

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Diberi ciuman setiap pagi

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
I love U, I miss U katanya setiap hari

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Isteri gemuk, dikatakan seksi

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Sakit sikit selongkar laci ubat dicari

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Kemana sahaja dibawa pergi

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Sentiasa jujur perihal diri

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Status berkahwin bangga sekali

Jika suami sayangkan isteri
Cintanya suci hingga ke mati

Adakah suami2 kita tergolong dlm kategori JIKA SUAMI atau KALAU SUAMI ?
JIKA SUAMI ... lebih banyak dari KALAU SUAMI maka bersyukurlah kerana rumahtangga anda umpama SYURGA.
KALAU SUAMI.... lebih banyak dari JIKA SUAMI... maka berhati-hatilah. .. wahai kaum isteri jangan sampai rumahtangga mu umpama NERAKA.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Malisa loves Twilight

I had seen this book at the bookshops a few months before the movie was released. After Buffy and Angel, I thought, oh no not another one of those forbidden love between human and vampire rehash?! So, I dismissed it as another teen fantasy romance of which I am sure I am too mature and too old for.

Somehow, during one of my trips back home, I went out with my two brothers and we decided to watch this film.

and this so called mature, happily married, makcik mulut-laser-tak-hengat joined the bandwagon of I love Edward Cullen fan club.


Perhaps it was because I had absolutely no expectations towards the movie that I ended up with such a reaction. I remember while the credits were rolling and people were making their way out of the cinema, this girl sitting behind us shouted 'What a waste of ten dollars!' and I was thinking what? Did you not see the same Edward Cullen I did??!!

So I decided to get the book and see what the fuss was all about. I recall reading somewhere a book critic had labelled Meyer's book as self indulgent and I thought, surely something that bad can't have stayed on the NYT's best seller's list for so long.

Firstly, I didn't like Bella. To me she lacked personality. She has brought this gorgeous, Adonis like creature to his knees and I just can't see why apart from her smelling nice.

Secondly, you know this is total fantasy when Edward Cullen is protrayed as how he is. There is this line that he says in the book, when Bella asks him whether he finds her attractive in 'that' way and Edward says "I may be a monster but I am a man." A man who spends half of his time in anguish about his new found love and the other half TALKING about his feelings. Uh-huh. Someone build a robot of Edward Cullen and MAN (as in the gender) may actually cease to exist.

There is nothing as salivating as knowing that a man is in so much pain over wanting you; that the smell of your hair can easily tip him off the edge. I guess that was the winning formula the writer adhered to and hey, it worked.

Still, despite snippets of incredulousity, it was a good enough book for me to while away the time.

Oncall post

It's half two in the morning and yes I am oncall.

It has been one of those very very long day which started with one of our patients who was involved in a motor vehicle accident two days ago having altered level of consciousness. As a result, I had to endure a half hour of nauseating drive in the ambulance. Eurgh. Seriously, one would think the government could spend some extra money on really good suspensions on their ambulance. or build better roads.

Now my partner has gone off to escort a case of placenta previa type III who decided that it will start to bleed right at the moment I came into the ward to review a case of PV bleeding. It's just one of those days.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing in particular

Just a collection of photos I've acquired along the way...

BERIK angin?

Little Ayes so thirsty - tapi masa nie tak pandai hisap straw pun....

A rerun - wonder what this shop is selling?

Myvi terbaru.

Dah habis - takde dah gambar.....

In passing...

We had a short weekend trip to Kuantan the other day.

I think I must be getting old. Before, a 5 hour drive to Kuantan seemed like 'kacang puteh'. We could even squeeze in a movie at night before driving back the next morning. Now, even when the prospect of spending the weekend somewhere else feels exciting, I have begun to dread recovering after the drive there. Macam la kita drive pun.

On the way back, we stopped for lunch at our favourite "Restoran Nasi Ulam" (I think lah, not too sure about this) in Kuala Berang. They only cook one dish the whole day - asam pedas - with all types of fresh water fish. There are the compulsory ulam with budu and they also have other side dishes too, should you prefer but these are small in quantity and are not on per order basis.

So anyway, as we parked our car in front of the shop, we noticed a whole bunch of high powered bikes there; mostly Harleys. The riders were sitting at three tables joined together - about 12-15 of them - men in their late 30s, early 40s age group. Men, that could easily be as comfortable in suits chairing meetings in air conditioned halls. They looked like successful, well-established-in-life type of men.

Normally I would just glance over and get on with my meal. But, sitting at one end of the table, was a figure who looked absolutely out of place. The girl was slight, and noticeably young. She was dressed inconspicuously in black; long sleeved shirt, loose fitting jeans and plain unadorned tudung. She wasn't wearing make up, which perhaps accentuated her youth. I'd say she's definitely in her early 20s.

She looked uncomfortable, only smiling politely in response to the jokes made by the group. Her partner was one of those male who have been treated generously by Mother Nature. Nice head of hair, albeit speckled with white and no trace of any belly.

I wondered why she was there.

Wouldn't you?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kerenah anak-anak

Nama saya Verver. Saya dikutip semasa merayau di kantin hospital. Org buang kucing di hospital, ada pulak org yg mengutip dan membawa balik ke rumah. Bulu saya berbelang perak.

Nama saya Doremi aka Buta. Saya suka melompat ke atas meja komputer tapi tuan saya selalu meletakkan saya kembali ke atas lantai. Saya mengalami 'PR bleeding' (berdarah dari tempat buang air besar) tempohari yang sehingga kini tidak diketahui puncanya.

Nama saya Ciku. Saya diberi nama ini sebab bulu saya hitam dan tuan saya inginkan nama tiga serangkai untuk adik beradik saya. Saya sangat suka bergolek2 di atas katil tuan saya.

Nama saya Malisa. Kaki kanan depan saya bengkok kerana dipatahkan oleh budak2 jahat. Selepas itu saya telah diserahkan kepada tuan saya sekrg untuk dibela. Saya sangat suka makan dan melompat-lompat.

Firstly, I have to say....

...I love my work.

Though some of the times I just feel like tearing my hair out in exasperation at my staff nurses and their 'baju hijau's and 'baju biru's superiors, in general I enjoy it.

All things aside, I love being in the cool surroundings of the OT, listening to the gentle hum of the GA machine and getting about my work incising and drilling and debriding and suturing.

But lately, there has been an air of unpleasantness at work. I really can't divulge a lot of details as I know people from work read my blog (maybe it is time to go under and hide behind a little more anonymity?) but sometimes the politics just gets to me.

With the increasing work load, people are becoming calculative, each thinking one is doing more work than the next person. Some thinking that they have been treated unfairly by the higher powers and worst, the amount of back talking (I was tempted to say backstabbing but I don't think it has gotten THAT bad...yet) that has been going round.

Yeah, some days I am postcall and still at work at 7 pm. It has been two Tuesdays in a row when I have driven home way past dusk. Heck, at times it feels like I am a houseman all over again! But it isn't everyday when it is like that. There are times when I am just sitting around the clinic writing up my medical reports and waiting for cases to show up.

So, fair lah right?

I find it amusing that people only tend to remember the times when they were busy and then complain about the unfair distribution of MOs and yet have nothing to say when there are only 7 patients in the ward and no new admissions that day that you end up playing spider solitaire on the PC.

and I sometimes wish that some people would have more maturity and say out whatever it is that they are unhappy about in an open manner rather than moan about it left right and centre, but NOT directly to the person they have a problem with. Jangan la emosional sangat. Kerja itu ibadat, kan.


Tak suka la kerja macam nie. Tak best tau.

Disclaimer: Post blog ini tidak ditujukan kepada orang tertentu. Ini hanyalah bebelan SECARA AM seorg MO yang hanya ingin melakukan operation sepanjang hari. Must be the nitrous oxide, hehe.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tit for Tat?

I cannot believe what Abg has bought me for our 5th anniversary! Wait, since our birthdays and wedding anniversary are so near together, is this anniversary cum birthday gift or just anniversary gift? Either way, can I get another pressie for birthday?

Anyway, Abg came up just now and presented me with the gift and I was speechless. Speechless sebab tak sangka dpt hadiah sebab I didn't get him one! or rather I HAVEN'T YET got him one.

So now that he has gotten me THAT, does it mean that I now have to get him that thing that he wants but I was reluctant to get because it costs too much for something that he doesn't even use? I was saying to him that I shouldn't get him something that costs more than the one I am using, besides, he never uses the fancy-fancy stuff on it anyway but now that he has gotten me an expensive one, does it mean that he is now allowed to have an expensive one too? Hahahaha..... Sorry Yang, you know I love you and I don't need such an extravagant gift to know that the feeling is reciprocated, the fact that you have endured living with me for the past 5 years is sufficient but despite the speechlessness, I love the gift but of course I love you more!

Happy Anniversary Abg!

Monday, February 02, 2009


Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

I don't usually do tags but cobwebs have been lurking in my blog and strangely I felt obliged to make an here goes...

1. I've been to India and Nepal. Ever since I was young, I've always had a fascination with India, hence when we were told to go anywhere for our elective period (end of fourth year, going into final year med school) - I chose India. I saved up my scholarship money and off I went with three friends. We were backpacking almost all the way; even went on overnight train journeys just to go sightseeing during the weekends when we had no ward rounds to go to.

2. I can play the piano. Ma forced me to take lessons and I had to practice for an hour a day while my sisters get to watch TV. I think I could have done better in my exams if I had a more inspiring teacher. I watched Jay Chou on YouTube the other day, man, can that guy play!

3. I used to have a pet ducky which I named Christina. I think I was about 7 and my parents brought home a pair of little ducks. We have a picture of us playing with them. I even wrote about them (mine was Christina and sis Yanie also had one, but I can't remember what she called hers) in my essay homework.

4. I used to be able to speak cantonese fluently when I was in kindy. I can still understand some phrases now.

5. I am half chinese.

6. I used to pronounce the name GEORGE as ge-or-ge, much to the amusement of my cousins. Thank god my English have vastly improved.

7. I hate people who spit in public or throw litter out of car windows. One of the few things I got my nieces and nephew (and their friends) to do was stop throwing litter out the window and into the rubbish bin.

8. I wish I have more patience. Word is getting round that I am nasty to staff nurses and ward sisters. Hel-lo, talk to me when your work is perfect, okay.

9. I love computer games. I think it is a great way to improve one's hand and eye co-ordination. Mario and Donkey Kong rocks!

10. I used to have thick, thigh length hair which I would braid. I cut my hair for the first time when I was 15 (Ma thought washing my hair would take time which could be used for studying, hehe) and I cried for a day.

11. I lived in Kuching for two years.

12. Despite staying in the UK for 6 years, I've never been and was not interested in going, to Paris. The only European country I went to was Netherlands, where we visited Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Yes, everything they tell you about Amsterdam is TRUE. Hahaha.

13. I would love to return to India and see the Taj Mahal again. There are no words to describe the effect of seeing it for the first time. It is hard to comprehend how something so breathtaking can exist there. India is such a paradoxical country.

14. My Abg and I both snore. Which is why we probably never kept each other up with the noise. Haha.

15. I prefer sleeping in the prone position. Supposedly it's not very good but I rarely fall asleep in the supine position unless I am really really tired.

16. Abg told me to write this one - I always leave my towel lying on the bed or on the computer chair or on the floor but never on the drying rack where it is supposed to be on. But miraculously I would always find it on the towel rack all dry the next time I want to use it. Abg makes fun of it all the time but I always forget. I suppose that's what husbands are for. Hehe.

Aaah, dah abis.....TAMMAT.