Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bila Abang Meredah Hujan

Di suatu petang, hujan turun lebat sekali. Dia menunggu dan menunggu hujan reda. Tempias hujan makin membasahi lantai porch klinik. Dia buntu. Di tangan kanannya, segugus kunci; untuk keretanya yg terletak cuma 100m tapi dihalangi hujan yang masih terus mencurah-curah. Di tangan kirinya, telefon bimbit yang hampir ditinggalkan di rumah tapi disuruh oleh Abang untuk dibawa - takut ada apa-apa nanti.


"Huh, apa dia?"

"Tak leh balikkkkk....hujannnnn....."

"Hahahaha...habis tu?"

"Marila amik Yanaaaaa.....amik payung, lepas tu kita balik ngan kereta...boleh ek?"

"Ish....takde kerja...."

"Alaaa....mai aaa. Kejap je...."

So Abang dan payung ungunya, berseluar pendeknya, berselipar orennya, meredah hujan lebat, meredah lopak air semata-mata untuk mengambil isterinya pulang.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Not a Siti related post, folks!

I will NOT write about Siti.

I will NOT write about Siti.

I wonder if my blog has any purpose? I see it as a place to let off some steam. I love to talk, yet I think some people might find me hard to digest. I tend to see things in a different perspective; one of the traits of an Aquarian, I guess. Here, I can write what I want and I don't have to worry if people get me or not, cos I don't really care...haha!

Which is why I am (most of the time...hehe) thankful that I somehow managed to find Abang among alllllll those people in the world. I mean, how lucky am I? To find the one person who seem to see things MY way. Yes, he has his own opinion, yet he respects me enough to accept my views too.

so Abg, yes, I might throw a temper tantrum now and again. Yes, I might stomp around when I see you snoozing in front of the TV when I have to cook in my lousy kitchen. Tapi, when you go and fry fish for dinner, slice onions for my favourite kuah kicap, and serve dinner, hati ini sejukkkkk kembali.

I love you Abang....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

If only I had my camera

I now only have my living room and my kitchen....mana aku nak mandi weehhhhhhh?

Semlm, me and Abg berhujan membasuh tikar getah that we took off the floor. Kang bagi kat contractor buat, terkoyak rabak plak kang. Since the rubber mats are in relatively good condition, and are in big pieces, we were thinking we'd bring them back to FIL's house to replace the rubber mats in his house which are tahap nazak already.

This morning, the contractor came, took off a chunk of the wall and started tearing up the floor. Just now, I came back to two huge mounds of sand (habih pokok bunga akuuu) and just chaos.

I expected Abg to be home but his car buat hal, so he's stranded in Tok Bali with a leaking oil tank. He better come home cos I'm not cooking in this condition!!!

Waaaaa......rumah dinding reput and berkulat pun, at least I had a bathroom then....!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

New arrival

Hannah's a big sis now.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Baby Blues - II

Lately, everyone seems to be having babies.

Sis got her number 2 - a nephew I am yet to see. They just named him yesterday, Wan Nazmi Hariz. It's supposed to have a meaning but I didn't ask. Wan Nadiah Hannah (niece number 1) seems pretty excited on the arrival of her baby brother. Unlike her mummy who cried and came down with a fever when sis Yanti was born...hahaha.

My FIL's neighbour's son, who got married about three months after I married Abang, also gave birth recently. Their first child, Natasha Aishah, is a frequent visitor during weekends. Abang's nieces just love her (when she's not crying, of course). They got a second daughter, Alia Nabila about a month ago.

Abang's friend who got married about 6 months after we did, also apparently just received their second bundle of joy.

and why am I telling you all this? Ho hum....I'm not sure really.

Lately, I feel as if I've got multiple personality disorder...if that's what you call it. On one hand I'm so eager for details of my nephew - everyday I'm texting my sisters asking this and that. Is the baby ok? Have the parents named him yet? Is he feeding well? All the things a good auntie should ask.

Yet.....every sliver of information I get, seems to tear at my heartstrings. Yet another reminder that all the feelings that sis Yanie is experiencing right now is still an alien thing to me. Regardless of how happy I am for her, I can never comprehend what joy it is motherhood can be. Abang has caught me crying - to him, for no particular reason, and I can't seem to bring myself to say all these thoughts out loud. Maybe saying it will only make it more hurtful...and sometimes I don't think I can stand it anymore.

Abang would always tease me that no matter how bad a situation is, I would always find something 'nasib baik' about it. For instance, if I saw someone by the roadside with a flat tire, I'd say "Nasib baik hari siang and tak hujan." "Nasib baik aje..." he would tease me.

Somehow, I can't seem to find any 'nasib baik's in this matter.....

Teka dialog mereka

referring to a newspaper article which mentioned their 'nama manja's for each other..

Siti: B..B....Tgk la, semuorg kata Mummy pakai tudung tak lawa, baju Mummy serabut, inai Mummy hitam sgt. Mummy sedih la B......
Datuk K: Iyer, B tau. Nanti kita buat press conference kita marah semuorg yang ckp macam tu, okey Mummy? Mummy jangan la tarik baju B macam tu, okey Mummy?

p/s: the nephew's name is Wan Nazmi Hariz.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Renjis-renjis dipilis...

Enough already!!!!

Tiap-tiap hari siti and datuk K, tiap2 hari siti and datuk K....boring giler.

Other people get married too, y'know, ...wait, other CELEBRITIES get married too, y'know tapi don't get OTT laaa....people are actually dying and homeless in other parts of the world....!!

I don't care if she's marrying a duda or a bachelor. I don't care if now a lot of her 'kipas susah mati's (die hard fans laa...) have now decided that their icon are no longer worthy of the space on their walls. I don't care that people are now saying that maybe a lot of the bad things they used to say about siti are probably true...and I certainly DO NOT care how much her wedding costs and how much is sponsored....

Maybe all this frivolosity will end after her marriage ceremony, some people may have thought - but I don't think so. After this people will wonder about their honeymoon, then when are they having their firstborn, where will they set up their marital home bla bla bla... and I just want all of it to end!

Seriously, you know it is getting ridiculous when there are newspaper articles suggesting Datuk K switch to boxers, or that he calls her Mummy!!!!!!!! (gross kinky or what...?)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Warning, this is a whiny post...

I seriously am not liking my life at the moment.

Dah la tak happy kat tempat kerja - having to deal with 'multi problematic' staff, heavy work load, patient and employer expectations etc etc, it is NOT helping that I live in a shitty house.

I live in my living room. My wardrobe, my bed, my TV, my computer is there - the only thing I am happy about is the amount of space.

I am NOT happy about the amount of rat faeces and rat pee that I find in my drawers everyday. I am not happy about the ant colonies that live in all the cracks that they could manage to find. I am not happy about the smelly, damp, useless cabinets that they installed in my kitchen - these only serve as homes to the abovementioned rats. I am not happy with the fact that my bathroom is so gross that I happily shower with the lights off. No amount of bleach or tile cleaner can make it less yucky than it already is. I hate that my toilet can't flush properly no matter how many pails of water I pour into it.

I hate the fact that I have two extra rooms that only serve as storerooms to the useless furniture which my employers say have no money to replace YET have to wait for 'kebenaran pelupusan' in order for me to get rid of them.

I find it ironic that KKM campaigns about eliminating rats, flies, cockroaches yet have no allocation for their staff to pay pest terminators.

I hate that my stupid employer are so lembab about fixing the phonelines at my workplace - when one phone rings, every goddamn phone in the whole building rings and I had to resort to using my own handphone to call and consult reagrding cases, or get appointments, - that my phone bill has reached a record amount.

and finally, I am pissed off by the fact that contractors are entering my house next week, shutting off one half of my stupid house so that they can replace the woodern floors with tiles. Dah la I am only able to use one bathroom, now you're shutting that off?

So in protest, I took the liberty of giving myself a day off today.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby blues

As of today Ma and Pa are now very proud grandparents to TWO grandchildren!! Yeay, congratulations to Tok Mama and Tok Papa......

Sister Yanie had just delivered a WHOPPING 4.5 kilo baby boy today via caesarian section. I think it must be all those restaurant meals that she's been having (under the pretense of getting toys for Hannah...hehehe) that has resulted in her little (NOT!) bundle of joy.

Anyway, everyone's relieved that at least the operation part is over. Ma has gotten her insides in a twist thinking about leaving Yanie in confinement by herself at home, now that she has to go send Yanti off to the in-laws. I guess a mother's job really is never done.

Dalam happy dpt anak sedara baru, ada jugak rasa sedih. Feeling sorry for myself lah........

Ada duit setambung pun tak guna juga kalau tak dapat apa yang diidamkan...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seronoknya kahwin....

First things first, congratulations berjuta-juta lemon to my sister Yanti and her significant other, the newest addition to the family, Shaharani.

The couple were joined in matrimony on a sunny Friday afternoon and had their simple but joyous reception the next day.

Many a hair were teared out on nearing the day, but in the end, everything ended well and although I fell asleep, everyone else (including the bride and groom) watched Faizal win his Vios.

I am the first to admit that my relationship with Yanti hasn't been that great. Yanti and Yaya had always had a special bond, being closer age wise, sharing a room and having a penchant for cute guys on TV. So I was rather taken aback when she asked me what married life is like. I told her, 'Seronok.'....hehehe.... The truth mah. Betul apa. Regardless of what has happened between me and Abang, we still have a lot of fun together. Yes, tears have been shed, angry words have been hurled (mostly by me) but all that only makes the happy bits even more ..happy.

I told her to be patient, to put each other's needs first and first and foremostly, to have fun getting to know each other.

Tapi, as I watched the day fold out, I kinda envied Yanti. I envy the feelings of excitement, nervousness and thrill that only a bride can get on her wedding day. Of knowing that a whole new world is just waiting for her to be explored.

Not that I dislike what I have with Abang now. I love the familiarity and quiet contentment that we both share....but it will never be the same, kan?

Ma and Pa looked happy. Ma basically ran on adrenaline that day. Sampai ke Faizal 'senyum sokmo' nak nyanyi pun dia still takde selera nak makan. But she looked content. Maybe after three weddings, she's finally gotten her act together - which will be good, considering there's still Yaya left.

Yaya has jokingly said that she is now open to receiving marriage proposals from Ma's makcik friends. Guys she knows from Uni just aren't good enough. Anyone know where I can find a Fadzley double, call me, ok?