Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Silver Lining

Been feeling crap today but there is always a silver lining somewhere.

Giler is one of my earliest strays. We were buying fish at the small roadside stall in Pulai Chondong when I saw three kittens playing at the nearby bus stop. I waded through the long weeds and saw three gorgeous kittens chasing each other. One was black and white, then there was a tabby and another had white and marbled fur.

Giler masa kecik.

Giler is, as the name suggests - just insane. Whenever we would pick him up, he would nuzzle at your face and elbow and neck. He isn't friendly with the other cats and would almost always pick fights with Fizzy but as with all my kids, we love them all anyway.

So anyhow, Giler has been missing since about a month now. During the time when we had about 11 kittens, some of the adult cats were let out to roam so the cages can be used for the nursing mothers. When he didn't return, I thought the worst.

So imagine my reaction when Abg opened the door and said, Guess who came home today? - and it was Giler! and of course the nuzzling frenzy started almost immediately as I took him in my arms.

Lepas nie kena duduk dlm sangkar sebulan, ok!

This is an update of Tuah. Here he is right after we returned from Cheras. Practically a bag of bones.

and this is Tuah today! Look at how much his body has filled out.

Makan banyak-banyak biar jadi gemuk lagi tau.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend sob fest

I am a sucker for sad sappy stories. Actually, no - I am a sucker for any emotional story. I cried when the Jamaican bobsled team won in Cool Runnings. I cried when Tristan's father who suffered from a stroke wrote 'Am Happy' on his small blackboard when his son returned in The Legends of the Fall. I cry at every episode of Grey's Anatomy in the sixth season.

Last night, I had the ultimate waterworks party. It wasn't merely a snivel or a sob here and there. I was practically bawling my eyes out. All because of a dog.

I remember seeing his statue in a picture Ma took when she was on her honeymoon. His loyalty was awe inspiring. You wonder at the bond between this dog and his master for it to wait every day for nine years after his master died.

The fact that the Akita they had playing the lead in the movie was so gorgeous didn't help (with the crying) either.

I wonder if any of my cats would do this for me?


Probably not.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saya suka kucing - Anda bagaimana?

Sedang merayau-rayau di alam siber, tiba-tiba terjumpa ini.

dari kucing terbiar dot com

Gambar anak2nya yang berkaki empat melompat-lompat di kawasan berumput hijau dan berpokok rendang buat saya cemburu. Saya juga mengidamkan sebegitu tapi sayang, anak-anak saya hanya dpt duduk di dalam sangkar dan dilepaskan petang apabila tuan mereka pulang dari kerja. Tetapi tidak bermakna anak-anak saya kurang kasih sayang. Makan minum terjaga rapi, bila sakit dibawa ke klinik.

Baru-baru ini saya bawa pulang seekor lagi anak kucing berwarna putih, bertelinga koko. Macam Che'Put masa dia masih anak dara. Sekarang Che'Put dah jadi ibu pada lima anak dan tak mungkin lagi beranak. Che'Put boleh hidup bahagia makan tidur main saja.

Saya dan Abg nak ke Kamdar bila tiba-tiba anak mengiau sambil terkedek-kedek berlari ke arah saya. Saya kutip dia dan saya pandang Abg. Abg kata "Takde tempat dah nak letak...." - tapi saya degil, lantas anak diletak di tempat duduk belakang kereta.

Saya beri nama dia Kamdar.

Anyway - Papa Meow memang seorang pencinta haiwan yang berdedikasi. Saya tabik beliau. Di dalam salah satu post di blognya, dia kata, dia selalu berdoa tidak berjumpa anak kucing terbiar apabila keluar berjalan-jalan. Saya juga selalu berfikir begitu. Sebab kalau sudah jumpa, kalau tidak dibawa balik, akan teringat-ingat sampai ke dalam mimpi. Selamatkah dia? Makankah dia? Ataupun sudah mati dilanggar keretakah dia? Isy. Susah macam nie.

Mungkin orang akan kata, dari kau belanja ribu-ribu untuk anak kucing, baik kau derma kat anak yatim. Tetapi itulah kuasa dan ketentuan Allah. DIA jadikan kita berbeza-beza pendapat serta haluan supaya akan ada juga segelintir yang mengambil berat tentang makhlukNYA yang berkaki empat.

Tuah sibuk berlari-lari di ruang TV. Saya panggil dia tetapi dia lebih seronok bermain dengan lipas yang baru ditangkapnya. Tuah semakin gemuk dan sudah pandai membuli anak-anak yang lebih kecil dari dia.

Hidup ini indah.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A musing

After a relatively heavy oncall, I woke up extra early, woke Abg up so that he could drive me to work and have breakfast together.

I was enjoying the aroma of freshly cooked rice and 'gulai ayam' when I saw something on my chicken which I initially thought was a fleck of spice or fried onion. Out of habit I flicked it unto the side of the plate and noticed that it had curiously insect-like legs. I looked at it closer and yes, I had a side order of mini cockroach.

I was thankful I hadn't shoved it into my mouth with the previous spoonful of rice but what do I do now? Even if I called the stall owner and showed it to her, she'd only replace it with the same gravy little roach had been cooking in. I then told myself, all those desperately hungry people in Pakistan would be killing each other for the plate of rice that I had in front of me right now. and afterall, you'd think the big pot of 'gulai' which had been boiling would probably have neutralized any toxins that the insect had.



What would one do in a situation like this?

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Choices choices

Having had to live at the FIL's house since getting married, I thought it was hightime we got our own home. Actually, 'hightime' was maybe about 2 years ago but nevertheless the dream home is now well underway and already I am imagining what and where and how of it all.

At the moment we've been scurrying around looking at kitchen cabinets and what it entails. Tiles or solid surface or granite? and solid wood or MDF or pine or 3G glass? I've been to a few shops and have asked hundreds of questions and still nowhere near to making a decision. and that's just the kitchen - there is also the bathrooms and the tiles and the walls. It's enough to make you tear your hair out.

This was about a month or so ago.

and this taken last week.