Monday, November 15, 2010

Goodbye Pinky Nose

So, after three days of fighting for her life, little pinky nose has succumbed to her internal injuries. I knew the condition is bad, yet I still had a sliver of hope as I called up the vet.

Little kid which I picked up from the covered way near the OT is also not doing well. He has always had an infected callousity on the dorsum of his paw due to him dragging it, which looked healing but two days ago started to look lethargic. Maybe he contracted a viral infection and was just too undernourished to fight the infection.

My heart is as grey as the clouds in KB today....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Get well soon Pinky Nose.

She has the pinkest nose I have ever seen on a kitten. Her colouring was the usual - black with spots of black/grey - and she used to be so small that I doubted that she would survive, but she did and she runs like the wind especially when chasing bits of feather or a dried leaf.

Abg was on his way to his biweekly badminton outing when he strode in and said, "I think little pinky nose has been in an accident'.

True enough, little pinky nose was lying on the cage floor, growling when I picked her up, her left hindleg lay limp. I knew instantly how ill she is because pinky nose is no longer pink. She was breathing heavily and she looked at me with her round eyes as I started to cry.

I put her in a carrier and wrapped cloth around her to keep her warm and woke up a few times throughout the night to check on her. Fearing she would go into shock, I forced her to drink water.

The next day, all my earlier plans abandoned, our first priority was to see Dr Palani at Jalan Dusun Muda.

He confirmed that pinky nose has a broken femur, and she now has a distended bladder. I hope pinky nose hasn't got a fractured pelvis as well because that would be bad.

I've left pinky nose at the vet - hoping for the best. I immediately know a trip to Cheras is now inevitable.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some parents are morons

A few weekends ago, I was attending a course in Kuantan. After the course finished, we had the evening to ourselves before returning to Kelantan the next day and we decided to watch a movie.

Having heard good reviews about The Other Guys, we decided we could do with some laughs and bought tickets. This movie was rated PG13 - i.e. suitable for kids aged 13 but with parental guidance (I think).

About half an hour into the show, a toddler in the back rows started whining. Slowly at first but persistantly louder and climaxed with a top of the voice wail about 20 mins later. I was getting agitated, sitting about 8 rows in front of the silly parents - I wonder what the patrons sitting right in front of them were thinking?

A few minutes later, said toddler and a fellow kid was running up and down the aisle laughing and giggling, and proceeded to do so till the end of the show. At one time, they even went into the row in front of the one I was sitting at and approached the elderly couple who was sitting there.

Okay, call me uptight for being childless - but seriously??

Does having kids make you a moron? (and when I say YOU, I meant the parent who brought the said kids in this post, kang ada yang terasa lagi pulak)

I for one, did not pay to have the side attraction of hearing kids running up and down while I watch Mark Wahlberg being hit on the face with a wooden gun.

Come on! You may want to watch Rain decapitate fellow ninjas but does that make it right for a 5 year old?

I've seen parents bring in 6 month old babies into the cinema - wah, your kids got tympanic membranes made of steel meh?

Seriously lah....!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Why oh why... people LIKE their own status update? If you don't like it, you wouldn't put it up, would you?

...can't people get off their big arses and throw rubbish into the bin which is only a few steps away? It infuriates me when ppl leave boxed drinks, rice wrappers, melted ice in plastic bags and what nots at the most prominent places! How ppl have absolutely no conscience at unwrapping sweets and just letting it fall to the ground when the bin is right in front of them! Or throw things out their car windows! Stoooopiddd!! it that the worst diabetic feet always turn up in septicaemic shock?

...that I always find it hard to wake up for work yet can be up wide eyed at half five in the morning during the weekends? I ranting on a postcall day?