Friday, August 31, 2007

Mak Long loves you all....

This is Hannah. She is sis Yanie's firstborn. She was a long (yes, LONG as in PANJANG - she covered the distance from knee to knee and over!) baby, she almost looked weird. But, fortunately, she filled out her length and has turned out into such a darling young girl.

Cantik, kan gigi Hannah? Mummy kan dentist, malu la kalau gigi rongak!


No mummy, Hannah tak mau keluar swimming pool lagi....

Sebijik muka sis Yanie when she was about this age.

Hariz is the strong and silent type. Such a good baby, barely heard him cry. He's at that stage where he crawls everywhere and anywhere!

Sporting the jaundiced look.

Hello? Tgk apa tu? Yes, I know I'm adorable...

Almost like Abg and his Mini Me, but a fairer version and without goatee.

Such a handsome one now.

My third anak sedara is sis Yanti's firstborn, Shakeel Arif whom we call Arif. Must remember to take more pictures of him.

Just being the usual jaded me

I spent Merdeka eve at the hospital, in an ambulance and at the HUSM casualty.

A young - married with young wife - male of 20 decided he would spend his Merdeka eve racing his motorbike and ended up unconscious, with a breathing tube stuck down his throat and not doing very well at all.

Happy Merdeka, people.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

and then there were three...

....kitties that is.

Abg and I were contemplating getting another kitty for Bubu to play with. We figured all that biting and pawing could probably be due to all that pent up energy while being locked up in the toilet. Abg wanted to get a proper breed but I'm more than happy with a domestic tapi so susahlah finding a cat owner who's willing to give up his/her kitties for adoption. Most people here are either persian (or some other fancy breed) owners who make a profit from selling kittens OR, people who simply abandon their unwanted kittens at the nearest pasar.

So, after a stressful Thursday, I was parking my car at home and heard faint mewing from the nearby bushes. I went to inspect but then the mewing stopped so I figured I must be hallucinating from not taking my lunch.

But later as I went to play with Bubu, again I heard the same mewing. Definitely kittens, and very young. I called Abg who came to see and managed to extract these two scamps!

Rezeki......I've been wanting a kitten and now I have two! and seriously gorgeous ones pulak tu!

I think they are about 4-5 weeks old. Still a bit too young to be away from the mother but luckily I had some specially formulated kitten milk around, so I hope they can survive on that for the time being.....

Rezeki, I tell you......:)

Mimi and Momot (sebab dia comot sikit)....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Remember kitty? Yes, the lil thing is miraculously still alive, hallelujah! (Ei, can I say hallelujah? Wait, let me google, yes, I can! Hahaha)

He went for his first lil kitty check up two weeks ago and boy did he NOT enjoy his car trip. Nasib baik duduk dlm carrier. Anyhow, the person I saw at Klinik Haiwan Baru, KB said to bring him over in two weeks time for his first vaccination but he had his first deworming that day. Rm10, I tell you....

We've been locking him up in the toilet periodically for the first few days and now he's totally toilet trained. We were initially thinking about getting proper cat litter but then considering the lack of space, looks like lil kitty will just have to share our toilet.

He's been a hit with my niece Asilah, but Mila just runs away squealing especially when lil kitty tries to make a dash for her toes. He does love toes and fingers - must remember to ask RKM if this is normal with kittens. Asal lepa je, dok gigit2 jari and some more, so easily excited lah this cat...! Pantang tgk benda bergerak sikit, heck, benda tak gerak pun dia excited...!

Pic on the first night I brought him home.

Pic taken just now - gumuks tak dia??? Hehehe...

I've yet to name him though. Kinda like the name Bubu and I've been reading up at forums on how to make your cats respond to their names - RKM, ada tips tak? I give you tips on beading, you give me tips on handling lil kitties, bley? Hehehe - one forumer even had this plan devised over a period of 4 weeks, okay? Must do this soon before my cat only answers to 'tsk tsk tsk' or worst, Abg's 'miau'...hahahaha. Imagine having a cat called Meow.

Also I noticed his nose is persistantly runny lah. We (my family) used to have this domestic long haired cat whom we called Parsen. She used to sneeze all the time, siap ada hingus lagi. Must remember to tell this to the vet.

I actually started to write this entry earlier just now but lil kitty decided that my gebu thigh is just the perfect place to dig his claws into as he was falling off my chair - berdarah, okay. So now lil kitty is keeping a safe distance from me sebab dah kena jentik telinga. Kesian la plak....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Help, I've been hit-and-runned!

There I was, ordering my breakfast of nasi with kropeh gulai and nescafe beng when one of my JMs came to me in a panic, 'Doktor, sedar tak kereta doktor kena langgar?'

I was literally gobsmacked.

Apparently some pakcik in a maroon Nissan Sunny plate number D* 3445 was reversing into the space behind my car, stepped too hard on the accelerator and bang smashed into my poor Kenari! My JM actually spoke to the idiot and asked him why he did such a thing; he mumbled something about his shoelaces getting caught somewhere and then just rushed off.


The damage was minor - the bottom right signal light is totally gone, half of the number plate is lying on the ground and the door is bent and scratched at multiple places - but y'know la how it is, kan? As I said to sis Yaya, keretaku kini dah ternoda! Waaa.....

Contemplated making a police report but then figured it's not worth the hassle and furthermore, my two witnesses couldn't come up with the complete plate number between the two of them. If he had stayed and made an effort to apologise, I think I would've just let it go, you know? Stupid idiot didn't even have the balls to say sorry.

So, there I was standing in the middle of the hospital compound, looking in dismay at the smashed signal light, spewing profanities right and left. I know it's not the right thing to do but it sure felt good.

Someone hand me my sash and tiara; Miss Irritability will be staying a bit longer - expect to find her prowling the TM area, keeping a razor sharp lookout for a D* 3445 maroon Nissan Sunny.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Miss Irritability what I should be called.

Urgh, sometimes I hate me.

In this extra easily irritated mood that I am, most of the time I will find the typical Malaysian highly annoying.

Take, for example the two hooligans on a bike in my kampung earlier this evening, zipping around at a break neck speed and even SPITTING as they drove past.

Or the nyonya who was gardening at her road side house near the pasar malam just now. Abg and I had just parked our car and was about to get off when this nyonya nonchalantly picked off some random plastic bags and newspaper that was caught in her flower bushes and THREW THEM INTO THE PUBLIC DRAIN! I gave her my most menacing glare and said out loud enough for her to hear, how some people are so inconsiderate that they would throw rubbish into the longkang and then moan very loudly when the next rainstorm comes and the roads get flooded. On top of that I even pointed to her as I told Abg about it. She was picking off the wilted papaya leaves as I caught her eye and I am glad to report that those papaya leaves didn't end up in the drain.

Or what about this group of boys in the red Kancil in front of us - DAE 5**6 - whose driver had no qualms about throwing out of his car window an empty bottle. Eeeeiii, membara betul aku!

I remember, when I was younger, Ma taught us to never throw rubbish simply anywhere. If there wasn't a rubbish bin around, I was to hold on to whatever sweet wrapper, tissue or bottle that I had until I found a suitable place to dispose of them. The habit stayed with me well into my adulthood; something which is lacking in a lot of people I meet.

Yes, it is common sense but even common sense have to be taught before it becomes COMMON. Parents are the ones who have the perfect opportunity to teach kids black is black and that white is white. LIFE will take care of the rest and teach them about the many shades of grey. Tapi, without the understanding of the basics, there is no foundation to lay anything on, so when parents have failed, how do they expect outsiders to teach what is right?

I remember this incident, about two years ago. I was queueing up to pay for an item at a cashier in JJ. This teeny cutie came up to the queue and waddled up to the counter and held up the toy that she was going to pay for. Serious, she was holding the cash in her hands and everything. Anyhow, I was next in line (and not being in the Miss Irritability mood that day, thank god...hehe) and was more than happy to let her pay. After all, budak kecik la kannn, apa la dia tau. But the next moment, I heard her mother's voice, calling her name and telling her to queue up just like everyone else. The mother wasn't shouting, it was very tactfully done; voice just stern enough to let the kid know that Mummy means business and this is something you should remember for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE kinda tone, y'know? I tabik spring to the lady and the kid was soooo adorable too!

I guess, until people learn more manners and parents become more committed to teaching their young uns, I guess I'm just gonna hold on to my Miss Irritability sash and go on giving people my menacing glare....hehehe.....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Phew! Finally!!!

A few months ago, (yes people....MONTHS) I decided I was bored out of my head and wanted to have something to do. Achik (my SIL) had a new baju kurung lying around the house and I thought it'd benefit from a little beading.

I hope she likes it. The sleeves are a little dodgy though, so the beading were a little crooked in some places. I wanted to sew the beads closer together around the collar but Abg said it wouldn't do much since it'd be covered by the tudung.

My manik tabur's still messy; maybe I haven't got the right technique. But, at least I'm finally done! Wha-hey!!! Sakit pinggang laaaaa membongkok-bongkok nie - a 'meja jepun' and a big fat cushion comes highly recommended next time.

The manik tabur took AAAAAAGES.....

The sleeve part.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sniff and a sniffle

and I think I might have caught it from lil kitty (whom, I have learnt, is actually a boy kitty!). We've been locking him up in the toilet at nights, wanting to train him to pee and poo in the toilet where it will be easier to wash up. and so far, it has been alright, apart from the one time when we found a nice surprise in the basket that he sometimes sleeps in. Safe to say, kitty is no longer sleeping there!

However, usually about 5-5.30 ish, he will be mewing and scratching at the toilet door so I've been letting him out. Instead of sleeping quietly in the corner, he'll be jumping and pawing at our feet under the blanket and sometimes coming to lick my fingers and sniffing my face. I've been noticing his nose to be runny the past few days but didn't really think much about it.

I had agreed to exchange on calls with another MO, she said she's been feeling the beginnings of a cold and doesn't feel like doing her calls unwell. Little did I know that I'll be running a fever starting that afternoon which developed into a full blown cold by the evening. Of course, by then, it was too late to arrange something else. Nasib baik the on call wasn't too busy. I only had one case of query appendicitis, an MVA with cerebral concussion and a bladder tumour case who came in pale as sheet and an Hb of 3. Hmph, two days he said, that he's only started to feel unwell. I've learnt to double and sometimes triple that to get the exact timing. and then, a referral from a KK with abdominal colic whom I immediately discharged after giving him Nubain.

Afterwards it was rather quiet apart from a fast AF in the ward.

By 8 am, my head was spinning, my throat was sore and my nose blocked. Nasib baik there were enough MOs that day to cover for me so I took medical leave. Only my second time in the 5 years I've been working. How ironic is it that we practically give away MCs to the slightest sniffle yet can be so reluctant to take one for ourselves?

But anyhow, it's no complete RIB (rest in bed) for me as I'll be presenting three cases at a Mortality Conference tomorrow. Takuutttt....

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Ikan terubuk at Pasar Satok.

Hotlink boats.

Kampung Budaya - Santubung in the background.

One of the houses in Kampung Budaya.

View of Kuching from the Dewan Bandaraya Kuching.

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan....

Watcha all lookin' at, huh?

Huh? HUH??

Eiii, org nak tido pun nak amik gambar ke??

...memperkenalkan......*drum roll*, the one, the only (for the moment), the yet-to-be-named-kitty!!!!

I figured, maybe it's high time I had some other purpose in life. Work is one; yet when I get home and Abg goes off to his badminton get-together, hmmm, there is a limit to watching Lorelai antagonising Emily, y'know?

I heard the pitiful meowing while seeing patients on Wednesday. It went away for a while and came back again later. My assisting J/M saw it loitering near bilik 9 and brought it into my consultation room and for the next 2 hours saw me keeping a straight face as the kitty kept on meowing underneath my table as I was asking about my patient's hemorrhoids.

The drive back was fairly uneventful apart from the beginning when I made the mistake of letting it loose in the back seat and the next minute kitty was jumping behind the car pedals. NOT good. So, for the rest of the journey, I had to keep my left hand firmly on lil kitty and for one of the few moments of my life, saw me driving at less than at a 100km/h.

Anyway, Abg has let me keep it.

There is, the problem of those lice but thanks to RKM, I'm sure we'll get around it somehow.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


That is me, in contentment after a much deserved holiday with Abg, sis Yaya and Ma.

We used to live in Kuching when I was 12-13 and this is the first time Ma is able to go back. She was keen to search out old neighbours and such. Delightfully, everything has remained the same at our old neighbourhood. It was an absolute joy seeing Ma so excited about the tiniest memories of our short life there.

LCCT was a pleasant surprise. Yes, there were a lot of people (nampak macam stesen bas instead of an airport) but all in all, the trip was fairly uneventful, save for the steward actually reprimanding a nyonya who 'kiasu'ly stood up to get her bags despite the plane still moving. What is it about people being so kiasu huh? This group of apek and nyonyas, practically ran to be in front of the queue, stood for half an hour before the actual announcement was made and then jammed the whole line for wanting to sit in the front part and taking their own sweet time to store their luggages. We headed straight to the back, leaving all the bruhaha of the stewardesses trying to convince them to move swiftly to the back instead of holding the line up, and ended up disembarking first because they open the door at the back too, you know!

and then, on the flight back to KL, another annoying apek ran down a whole line of people (yes, RAN people) because he wanted to be the first to get off. Hello!?

I wanted to put up photos but the streamyx line is seriously annoying me big time.

and Ooh ooh, I simply have to write and rant about this time when our beloved (dripping with sarcasm here) PM made a trip to see us poor under developed folk in Kelantan and barricaded the whole stretch of the highway and thus forcing me to take this long detour and THEN still managed to be caught in a second jam when he decided to visit this prominent figure at his home (said prominent figure being the father of Idayu of the AF fame).