Monday, June 11, 2012

I long for the good ol' times

I hate reading the news nowadays. All I seem to be reading is about underaged girls being abducted, locked up and raped or helpless makciks being robbed in the broad daylight. What is our world coming to?

Of course, I am only reading what the papers were reporting but what are girls as young as 12 following 20 something males to whoever's home? Don't you know to never trust strangers?

Friend who are parents tell me that parenting nowadays are a challenge compared to back then. Back then we didn't have the internet or handphones and it was so much harder to go behind your parents' backs but shouldn't the basics be the same?

On top of that, is it me or is our world becoming increasingly unsafe? I remember when I was a kid, we would go cycling to the 'longkang' where water from the abandoned mine flowed to. I loved trying to catch tadpoles to bring home and back then, that was on a lonely stretch of road. Of course I think Ma was still working at that time and the baby sitter was probably happy she could get rid of us for a few hours but I don't think anyone worried about us getting abducted.

But more importantly, what kind of self worth do these girls have or don't have that they are so willing to put everything at risk for some guy they just met on Facebook or whatever social media platform that is the fad at the moment? How unhappy can your home life be that an hour with some scumbag can appear to be better?