Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bumming out big time

I've been having bloggers's block lately - plus, nothing exciting is happening apart from work, coming home from work, feeling too exhausted to do anything but surf my regular blogs. Most times I just feel like bumming out in bed like Bubu in the pic above.

It's hard stopping myself from feeling excited about the impending new addition to the family. I keep telling myself that it's simply too early to get my knickers in a twist about. Actually being aware of the millions of things that could happen doesn't help either. I guess ignorance IS bliss sometimes.

I'm now entering week 8 and so far I haven't had any nausea or vomiting, touch wood. The extra sensitivity to odors is true, though and I can't eat as much as I usually can in one go. Meals have to be in smaller quantities but I'm finding myself to be feeling hungry more frequently. Haven't had any weird cravings though.

Dearest Abg have been taking over most of the housework, especially when it concerns the cat litter. Tahap kemalasan juga menjadi2.....the house is a complete wreck. They say most people phase out from the third month; for the house's and Abg's sake, I hope it's true....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Our birthdays and 4th wedding anniversary present rolled into one...

I was at the point of giving up.

It was becoming the source of many disagreements.

It was becoming the reason for my low self esteem.

People thought I didn't care but I cared very very much.

Strange isn't it how two lines can change your life.

Thank you Allah and those who prayed for us.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

One of those days

I'm currently hooked on Scrabulous, one of the applications in FB. But playing is definitely not helped by the slowmyx's fragile connection at the mo.

Yesterday code blue was announced in my hospital.

I seriously think the worst time during the on call period is the 7am-8am period. That is when you don't really expect a disaster to happen and hope you might just have some time for a leisurely breakfast and coffee just for that pick-me-up before starting work.

A truckful of army personnels collided with a lorry early yesterday morning and soon afterwards, another car rammed straight into the whole mess. The MO on call announced a code blue but ye lah, time tu la org baru nak bertolak dari rumah etc etc.

There were no serious injuries - only one was referred to HRPZII and he was fully conscious, although in much pain. Most of them suffered minor wounds and only two suffered fractures. The civilian had a fractured wrist but she didn't need admission.

There was a minor broohaha when the boss came and was slightly miffed that she was not informed of the incident. The other MOs subsequently left me alone and she was asking me what the current status is and what nots. I didn't really mind finishing up the mess, after all it was manageable - no one is in need of resuscitation, it was only a matter of time before I will get the casualty cleared. But, just let me get my work done and pester someone else about the 'current status' please. She then later made an issue about how shoddy the 'pelan tindakan bencana' is and yada yada yada....gosh I hope she doesn't know about this blog.

As much as I love my work, this is my honest opinion. The big shots up there just love gathering returns, getting certification and accreditation and what nots. But if the right attitude isn't there, not even a mountain of paperwork can make things better.

Take the 'pelan tindakan bencana' - on paper it seems perfect, kan? Org ISO/Akreditasi dtg, you show your 'pelan' with pride, siap ada folder dgn label kertas berwarna, colour coded bagai. Come the real 'bencana', everything goes down the drain. Hello...a disaster happens and someone actually forgot to inform the boss? Huh?

Of course, I can almost anticipate the knee jerk reaction to all this fiasco. There will be meetings and more meetings and paperwork, with a brand spanking new folder perhaps and don't forget the briefings! But then, come the next 'bencana', the same old mess will re-emerge. Yes, I am THAT jaded and disillusioned.

On a lighter note, yesterday of all days was the day that I forget to bring my digicam. Later that afternoon, a psychiatric case was brought in and left nice little brown coloured globs on the floor of the casualty. As much as they smell, at least they were nicely formed globs that was easy to clean. Kesian kakak radicare yg kerja petang tu. Whoever said being a doctor is glamorous must not have had days like these.....

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A new beginning..

No, these aren't mine - mine just want to run around all over the house and occasionally have a death wish of being stepped on by an obese lady...hahaha...

Went to a wedding today. I usually avoid the kampung style reception - mainly because they segregate the male and female, NOT that that is bad, it's just that I'm usually there with Abg and I don't really like eating and sitting with strangers. But today, it was not so formal, mainly due to the rain/drizzle I guess.

I love weddings. They give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Something about embarking on a new and exciting phase of your life. About starting a life together, seeing things through another person's viewpoint.

I didn't feel that way about mine though. I was happy, yes; that the tears and headache coming up to the actual event is probably going to end soon, but I certainly wasn't looking forward to the 'being-the-centre-of-attention' bit. Urgh.

But anywho, to Aza and Aireene - Selamat Pengantin Baru and may you have lots of children and always have laughter in your lives.