Friday, June 20, 2014

Makcik me

Since when have I become so fickle and unsure of myself?

I went on a break last week and came back calmer and refreshed. I looked back at the person I was a few weeks ago and thought, 'What have I done?'

Indeed, what have I done? How could I let emotions get the better of me? I had never been the sobbing, giving-up type. When I was younger, when I was bullied, I didn't think twice about fighting back. I was my own self even during primary school and never really cared about what people thought about me.

What type of person have I become? I thought we were supposed to be better with age? No one told me that I would be a fickle minded makcik at the age of 30ish?



kausar said...

hihi fickle tu sentap ye. i pulak sejak jadi mak2 ni cepat terasa. pantang ditegur. but it'll get better dont worry hehe

The Lemonade Maker said...

Hehe Kausar - fickle tu macam, kejap nak macam nie, kejap nak cara lain and then bila tak dpt buat keputusan, jadi sentap jugak la...hehe.